On Thursday the 27th of April 2012 group N did 3-G Swing .This is a giant swing where you get hoisted up as far as you want then pool a cord and swing from that hite . Every one liked it.  Me and Charlie went on together it was really exciting and scary at the same time.  By Felix

hot spots……spot on!

Wednesdays twilight activity was…HOTSPOTS! (just a giant game of twister) with Asa our group leader.The first game was a free for all in which i was put out straight away for taking my fleece off!GRRR !!!The next game was a no talking,no smiling terror, we were not allowed to smile or talk which was hard, as Asa was encouraging us to laugh but then he went desperate and started picking people who were out to make people laugh. Many people fell victim of jays laughing wrath, i won the game YEAH!!! (Dylan won too) Hot spots was fun, The best evening activity in my opinion. by Gabriel Simpson

Bounce Baby Bounce

Aeroball In aeroball we went in four’s to play the game on the trampoline thingy. How to play, in aeroball you had to try and score into your opponent’s hoop if the ball went into the hoop you had scored a goal and the you start a new game. For the first round the competoter’s were Charlie and Niall against Felix and Jay next, Dylan and Ewan against Jessica and Eloise for the last round we had Amy and Sarah against Luca and Ryan. we went round again and on the last round Ryan chipped some bone off his ancle. He was tooken to hospital and then came back and had dinner which was chicken curry. By Sarah 

High Equilibriam Ahhhhhhhhhh!

On Thursday saltoun Primary attempted the High Equilibrium it was a huge 10 metre pole stuck into the ground with a see saw on top . When I got to the  top it felt like I was on top of the world  personly I thought It was very scary.Gabriel thought it was very fun when the instructor’s asked him to tragically fall off he loved it another great accomplishment for Saltoun Primary.

By Dylan

leap of faith

Leap of faith 10meters high wobbly wood. During kingswood we climbed wooden pole it was a bit scary at the top we jumped and catch a metel pole a few people missed it some got scared when they were half way up, Lewis thought it was fun same with me.

by sascha

The Tallest Tower In KingsWood

On the 4th day Group N all went to Team Tech. At Team Tech you had to build a tower as high as it can go. Group N made the highest tower in Kingswood. IT WAS 7 FOOT TALL. The instructer was so amazed! Dylan says “it was okay”, Felix says “at the start there was a load of arguing but eventually we got together then we won.”  “It was really fun” said Charlie bell.;) Sascha: “I did not like it.”

This isn't us, but the activity is the same



ZIP ZAP ZIP In outdoor laser lots of people think it was one of the best activites because you keep going.You run around the woods with a laser gun and get put into teams and zap the other team and capture their base. By Euan


Quad Bikes In Kingwood

In quad biking we had helmets and harness .In my opinion and lots of others I think it the quad biking track was rather small, they had two quite fast quads but in the end it was really fun!

This was similar to our track

The dreaded dorms

At kingswood all was very nice BUT the dorms was not the best. The beds was not comfortable at all, you could feel the springs and when you got out of bed to go to the toilet, your bed would go like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekk and you would wake up your friends.Ewan thought the beds were discraful. The dorms bathroom wasn’t very good eirther. The showers went hot,cold.hot.cold,hot,cold, so you didn’t get a really good shower.But the dorms wasn’t that bad, it had good heating and dylan, sascha,Ewan and I had a ball. So the dorms wern’t all bad.That is all about the dorms.Thank you for reading this, hope you like it.

By Ross


Last week when p4/7 were at camp the Thursday night P4/7 went to a disco. Most of the girl were dancing and some of the boy were too.  Sarah ,Charlotte, Amber G,Naomi  and Jesssica  were all dancing together.  But  Amy G was dancing with this boy she met on Tuesday his name was John and Amy and John  had a very fun time together .

Dylan Brotherston did not like the disco at all =( 🙁 =( . Dylan said the good thing about the disco was when Dylan and Gabriel did the conga but apart from that DYLAN AND MOST OF THE BOYS HATED IT SOO BAD.   boooooo.    Sascha and the boys were sitting in the corner and talking about try to escape through a window   (thats how bad they thought the disco was.  I thought the disco was realy fun. And there was good songs for me and The other girls to dance too. M and Sarah really like the song the club is alive by JLS.

Then at 9:00pm the disco was over and all of us went back to our dorm and got ready for bed.

By Naomi Brunton