Head Teacher’s Blog- 14th May

Forest Schools

Somewhat understandably, my thoughts have turned to the weather over the last few weeks- it being the coldest wettest April and May for a while. I think I would prefer a hard snowy winter as last year and at least some semblance of Spring.

Last week I was out on Forest Schools with a class. There was an east wind and it could not have rained harder and I had almost forgotten what a blue sky looked like. The woods were grey, dripping and water-logged and we were sliding around like penguins on an icefield. I confess that at the time I did briefly wonder what on earth I was doing out there when I could have been in my sauna-like office getting through the ever lengthening “to-do” list.

Then I saw why- the children, for the most part, were well-clad and ready for the weather, they were happy and up-beat despite the rain, they were keen to get on with the task which was building a theatre in which to perform the play they had devised. We had to gather twigs and ivy and branches to weave into screens for wings for the stage and some children had forgotten gloves and were suffering from cold fingers. Gloves were shared- or just given over, shoulders were shrugged and they just got on with it. The screens which had been started on the previous week had collapsed a bit so they were repaired and adapted. Someone remarked that it was good the ground was so soggy as it made pushing in the upright sticks that much easier.

Then the singing started. Now, I have to confess I thought it might be an excuse to stop work, but to a man they kept on with the task! It’s a shame about the cynicism that age brings! I don’t know if there were any folks about in Strawberry Wood last Thursday morning in the pouring rain. If there were, they would have been in no doubt that they were in the company of “mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty Saltoun” and that actually we didn’t give a fig about the weather.

I am a staunch advocate of Forest Schools and the benefits it brings to our children and last week merely confirmed that belief. We are always happy to have volunteers along to help. If you are free on Thursday mornings at Saltoun or Wednesday afternoons at Humbie, come and join us in getting wet, dirty and happy in the woods.

I would, nevertheless, welcome some more seasonal weather.

Have a good week,

Lindy Lynn.