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Final News Update June 2012

Final News Update June 12

Saltoun 2012

Saltoun 2012 on PhotoPeach

Head Teacher’s Blog 24th June 2012

Having been retrospective last week, perhaps it is appropriate to look forward , for this, the last blog for this term. What have we planned for 2012/13? The short answer to that is probably- more of the same. We hope to continue our journey on Curriculum for Excellence by exploring planning formats best suited to […]

It takes more than a little rain to beat Humbie and Saltoun

Sport’s Day 2012 on PhotoPeach

Sport’s day

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It takes more than a shower to beat Humbie and Saltoun

Sports Day

For your information Sports Day is going ahead.  Children should be picked up at 1pm from Saltoun (excluding those children being transported) and then on to Humbie.

Olympic Torch comes to Saltoun

Diana Balfour, a lady from Humbie, who ran with Olympic torch kindly let us see and hold her torch at our olympic assembly.  The staff were just as excited to be holding a piece of history in the making.

Head Teacher’s Blog 17th June ’12

It’s that time of year when the end-of-term reports and, this year, profiles go out. This always provokes some retrospection for staff and children. Sometimes you forget what the class was like at the beginning of the year and it is good to look back and remind yourself. Not only do the children change physically, […]

4,000,000 words!

Over 4,000,000 words have been read this term by P4-7.  We set this ambitious target in April: we read in our teams, as a class and in our personal time. We were rewarded with a pink lemonade and glazed doughnut party.  This was the food and drink that Basil Wrathbone fed his victims in our class […]