P3/4 Woodland Performance – ‘The Big Bad Play’

P3/4 had fun on Thursday morning performing their ‘Big Bad Play’ in Strawberry Woods. Earlier in the year the class added a play performance to their Forest School wish list. Inspired by their favourite stories and nursery rhymes the children created a storyline and with Mrs Ritchie’s help they wrote their script.

Using their mathematical skills the children worked in teams to built woodland stage settings. They also explored the ancient craft of wattle fencing and included this in their final stage set.

Dress rehearsals were performed for both nursery and P1/2 pupils. Unfortunately the original performance day was rained off. However, we were very lucky that last Thursday provided a window of sunshine and our play was enjoyed by the P4-7 class and the many family members that braved the muddy pathways to our performance.

We would also like to say a big thank you to Mrs Leslie, our camerawoman. (The video will be posted at a later date, watch this space)


Head Teacher’s Blog 11th June

I have been lucky enough to attend two Jubilee functions in the last fortnight- one for each school. Both have been really enjoyable occasions and a great example of community involvement. At both events- and they were by no means the first such that I have been to in Humbie and Saltoun- a team of well-organised, well co-ordinated and industrious individuals swings into action and successfully pulls off a fairly major event.
What I have noticed in the planning stage of these events- I am thinking about the welcome lunch at Saltoun, the bonfire and Burns supper at Humbie and the events of the last two weekends- is that local knowledge is key. Everyone (except me!) knows who owns the marquees, the stock trailers, the barbecues; who bakes the best scones, has the best recipe for spiced parsnip soup or Pimms Number 1, who knows a piper, who can get hold of bales of straw…………….
Everyone knows that on the day there will be a squad of volunteers to put up the tents, man the BBQ’s, paint faces, light the fireworks, sweep up afterwards. What is also impressive- and heart-warming is the amount of people who turn up and support and make the occasion worthwhile and that is not solely in terms of spending  money to boost funds but, more importantly, to clearly enjoy the event in the process. I am also grateful to the families from the “other” school who come to offer support- it can’t all be just because of the excellent Pimm’s or parsnip soup!
It is yet another facet of the life of small communities which make me glad and grateful that I live in one and am lucky enough to work in two. So thanks Humbie Church for the Jubilee service and lunch, thanks Saltoun H2H for the Summer Fayre and thanks to the good folk of Athelstaneford for another great Jazz night.
Keep it up,
Lindy Lynn.