Head Teacher’s Blog

16th December 2012
A very short blog this week as my timetable is a little full for the coming 4 days. A joint headship is, I imagine, a bit like being the parent of twins- there are two of many things to contend with. For me this week brings: 3 nativities, 2 end of term services, 2 parties, a Christmas lunch ( one down already) and two Secret Santas. I am just hoping to be in the right place for the right event at approximately the right time.
Last week we thought about the highlights of the past year- and there were many. Humbie children picked up on this theme and I am looking forward to hearing about their highlights. We spoke at assembly about Christmas for others not so lucky as us and the children were very aware of who these people were and of course had many ideas to help them. I did point out that we had been thinking about these folk during the course of the year and had done much fundraising to help.
Later Jacky and Marion totted up the amount we have raised during 2012 and it came to around £1000 between the two schools. We also contributed food to the salvation army- and this week to the new East Lothian foodbank. I have read often that you should give till it hurts. I think that we have made a fair effort between our 60 families.
Our thoughts have to turn soon to 2013- what are our aspirations for next year?
As a staff we have been thinking about HATS Days and how we can get the most meaningful experiences out of these for the children. We think this means less teacher-led activities and more child-led ones. We would like to give the children opportunities to be responsible initially for organising themselves as a house group to tackle tasks and challenges and then to having more responsibility for the days themselves.
We have also planned for January drop-in sessions after the profiles go home- (on the 18th Jan). This would give an opportunity for parent, child and teacher to discuss aspects of the profile or the learning.
We have many more ideas and plans- and more of these later- what would you like for the next year? This may be for your children, for the school or for the school as part of the community. Your ideas will be read with interest and considered for inclusion in our calendar.
In the meantime, have a good week. I hope you enjoy the nativities and services as much as we have enjoyed preparing them.
Lindy Lynn