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13th January 2013

A challenge to start the year! The germ of this idea came to me when I was watching the debut of the Saltoun Mum’s Choir. They were a little nervous- it was their first public performance, they hadn’t had a great deal of time to rehearse and singing in public is not easy. They were terrific and I would have given them full marks. I wondered how they would have rated themselves and began to think about the kind of evaluative exercises we do with the children. They are often involved in self and peer evaluation of pieces of work- especially those that go into the profiles.
Profiles are due to go out at the end of this week. They will contain examples of the learning that has been taking place since October. I wondered if it would help your understanding of what is in the profiles to do your own evaluation of something you have done recently. This could be -singing in the choir, learning a new skill, producing Christmas lunch for 12, a project at work, something associated with a hobby or sport…….you will know what you have done that you have found challenging.
The questions you might ask yourself may include

  • what was the desired outcome of the exercise?
  • did I achieve it?
  • how well?
  • what did I do well?
  • what could have been better?
  • how? and why?
  • what did I learn about myself in the process (or about my style of learning or working)?
  • would I do it differently next time?

These are all questions and processes we go through with the children in the course of lessons- not all of these every time- we would match the evaluation to the task. It is quite a reflective process and one of the main purposes is to get the children to think about themselves as learners so that they maximise the impact of what they do. This happens (at an appropriate level) from nursery right through.
If you have the time- and inclination- this week, give it a go. You will note I have stopped short of issuing a worksheet! I would be very interested to hear how you got on.
I hope you enjoy sharing your child’s profile when they come home- if you are at all confused about it, ask your child to talk to you about the entries- they are great little tour guides. If anyone would like to talk to us about what is in the profile, we have set up “drop-in” sessions for you and your child on Monday 21st January- Humbie and Wednesday 23rd January- Saltoun (both 3.15-4.30). Staff will be available to discuss any aspect of the profile that you would like clarified.
Have a good week,
Lindy Lynn

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