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April 20th 2013
It is hard to believe we have only been back for two weeks- it has already been a busy and productive term. Friday saw the departure of our backpacks- first to Tranent (someone’s garage), then Glasgow to the Mary’s Meals warehouse where they are sorted and I think designated for a boy or girl, then off in a container to wherever they are needed. Claire, who did the collection, left with a car stuffed full of bags and was delighted by the response from our two small schools.
There is a short film on the Mary’s Meals website that shows the journey of a particular pink backpack to its eventual and delighted owner. We showed it to the children at assembly- it is worth looking at. The older children at Saltoun also watched a film called Child 31, which some of you may be have seen. They were so affected by what they saw that they have determined, come what may, to raise £6000 to provide a kitchen and meals for a school for a year.
This happened on Wednesday. By Friday, they had set up a committee and are working on a plan of campaign. They have asked H2H for support and have an agreement that half the profits from the Summer Fair will go to towards the appeal- they understand and accept that there will be less money for us to spend on playground equipment or “extras” for school. They would like to organise a cycle/walk/scoot event on the West Saltoun to Ormiston railway walk. This is pencilled in for Saturday 22nd June and will involve families in a sponsored event or simply paying a fee to take part. They are planning an event every month between now and December. Their friends at Humbie will be asked to play a part too- perhaps the next community Café? I know they will rise to the occasion.
Their committee consists of co-ordinators, press-officers, letter-writers, treasurers and more- everyone is playing a part.
I have no doubt that you will have heard them talking about it. I was impressed and moved by the commitment and compassion of these children. This is their own idea- as a staff we will back them in any way we can- it will involve all of us in more work and Mrs Birrell already has plans to tie in some of the activities to curricular topics- persuasive letter-writing, graphs, money, collaborative working etc.
It will no doubt involve parents in more work- in helping to organise, taking children to events and in giving. However- I hope, like us, you are proud of your children -their understanding of the plight of those in need and their determination to do something about it.
Look out for the first press release.
I am equally proud of Humbie children this week. In Mrs Prudence’s absence, they have coped admirably. They have welcomed each new teacher, shown them the ropes and behaved as we would expect them to. They have had four different teachers this week- not ideal but at least they only had to put up with me for one afternoon! I visited Mrs Prudence on Wednesday and delivered the many cards and buns that had been made for her. If good wishes and carbohydrates count as therapy, she will soon be up and running about!
There is sometimes bad press about the “younger generation”. It is a pleasure to celebrate their many good qualities at times.
Have a good week,
Lindy Lynn

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  1. I am thrilled to hear how excited the children are about supporting Mary’s Meals. In a previous blog you asked us parents what qualities we hoped our children would gain at Saltoun. Well, I would put compassion and understanding the plight of others high on my list. So……..keep up the good work!

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