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April 13th
A personal note this week to start the term. Tomorrow (Sunday) I am going to a naming day for my great-nephew, Josh. He is just 8 weeks old and is the second grandson of my late sister, Anne, who died a few years ago. As well as very strict instructions about what was to be allowed and not allowed at her funeral- she was quite a forceful character- she tasked me with looking out for her two boys. These “boys” are now in their 40’s and while it has not been too onerous looking after them, I like to think I have done my best- their mother would not have tolerated less!
I have been asked to be a “guardian angel” for Josh- it is not a religious ceremony and I am touched and delighted to do so. The proud parents asked if I would like to say something at the party, adding that I probably would anyway- sometimes it’s tough having a teacher for an auntie.
So, walking the dog this week, I have been thinking about children and parents and what you would wish for them if you were able to wave a magic wand. I have often thought over the course of my years in teaching, that if you could look into the future-say 20-25 years- and see what has become of the children you are teaching, you could do a much better job of equipping them with the skills and abilities they would need- I suppose it is the same with parenthood. If only we had hindsight and foresight!
In the lack of these two very useful skills, I guess we just have to do the best job we can in arming our children against the slings and arrows of outrageous life.
The matter of what we wish for our children is slightly different- it can be anything at all from being blonde and beautiful to being Chancellor of the Exchequer- or both. I think as teachers (and I will ask this next week) we might wish that children had the ability to take on board all the skills they will need in literacy and numeracy; high aspirations and determination to fulfil these; a sense of fun and enjoyment in all they do; resilience and strength of character to cope when things go wrong; the flexibility and resourcefulness necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Perhaps the most important thing you could wish for any child is that it has a loving home and a family who will nurture and care for it unconditionally. Like all of our families in Humbie and Saltoun, Baby Josh and his big brother Rory are lucky boys- they have great parents and an extended family who will look out for them.
What would you wish for your children if you could wave a wand and grant them one precious gift? I would be very interested to hear your thoughts.
I thought you might like this poem I found to read tomorrow- if I can get round the lump in my throat.

Lindy Lynn

Follow Your Dreams
When others say “It’s hopeless and it really can’t be done.”
When they tell you “It’s all over. It’s a race that can’t be won.”
And they promise “You could spend your life just lying in the sun.”
Follow your dreams boy. Follow your dreams!
When the people you admire, but who wouldn’t understand,
Tell you “Other roads are safer. Your dreams are much too grand.”
Or the doubters and the tempters try to take you by the hand.
Follow your dreams boy. Follow your dreams!
You should listen to the counsel of the people that you trust.
But don’t be turned aside just because they might get fussed
You live the life that in your heart you know you really must.
Follow your dreams boy. Follow your dreams!
There is nothing you can’t conquer if you believe you can.
No mountains you can’t straddle, no oceans you can’t span.
Just conjure up a vision and set yourself a plan.
Follow your dreams boy. Follow your dreams!

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