Innerwick Day 3!

Went down to Innerwick this morning and had pancakes for breakfast made by Mrs Ritchie. Mmmm. Myself and Mrs Leslie offered to go gorge walking with the kids whilst Mrs Lynn and Mrs Ritchie stayed at camp and began operation clean up. Once we were all booted up and with our water proofs and helmets on, we headed in the minibus into the hills. Having never gorge walked before I was rather naively excited. After a trek through the hills with Andy and Martin, the rangers, we went down to the river bank. And into the water we went! Initially it was very shallow and the kids were splashing about but soon we were wading into deeper water and scrambling over fallen trees. The kids were loving it, not sure I could say the same. I was definitely screaming the loudest as the water came up to stomach height at times. The kids were fab and I’d like to make a special mention of Niamh and Luca, who due to height, were practically swimming at points but they were still smiling and clearly enjoying the experience! After a soggy trip back to camp, it was farewell. The kids and staff have had a great time and there was lots of chat on the bus home about next years camp!

Innerwick Day 2!

I went down to camp this morning to be greeted with a bacon roll for breakfast! Think the kids were trying to bribe me before room inspections! We then made lunch and it was time to go. We spent an extremely enjoyable day down at seafield pond. My group started with orienteering. The boys did a sterling job of completing the courses in super fast time whilst the girls took a more laid back approach! After lunch, the kids convinced me to go kayaking with them. This was a little nerve wracking for me as I’m not a great swimmer and the thought of toppling over in a cold muddy pond was not appealing! However, it was super fun and nobody capsized. I was a little slow with the oar but the kids were very patient and kept encouraging me. We finished the afternoon with a long walk and a trip to John Muir Park. I left the kids back at camp tucking into homemade baking and juice. I can’t wait for tomorrow. We are gorge walking which sounds like great fun and we will apparently be coming home very wet!

P5/6/7 Trip To Innerwick

Day one went very well for our adventurers.  They had an excellent day at the rock pools at the Geology Beach near Barns Ness.  Lots of time was spent looking for fossils – Amber D seemed to be the star gatherer of examples of fossils.  An excellent tea was made and eaten and then a very, very, very long game of rounders was played and then it was time for bed.  All slept well.   The first group are at this moment doing water sports, the second group will go after lunch.  Everyone seems happy and enjoying themselves.

Football Club

Progressive Football – Football club @ Saltoun Primary every Wednesday
The following club is available:
THE PROGRESSIVE ACADEMY – P3 – P7 – Every Wednesday
“A structured program of training and competition. PROGRESSIVE Academy creates an ideal environment for footballer guided by our experienced and high quality coaches. They ensure continual progression and development for all players enabling them to reach their full potential.”
Each session costs £3 each. This can be paid weekly or in full until the end of term at a cost of £21.00. If you are interested in your child taking part, please contact Progressive Football Development ‎[]‎-

Head Teacher’s Blog

20th May 2013
Well, we all survived Innerwick-round 1 and are looking forward to round 2 with P5-7. The P4’s had a great time and I was proud of the way they overcame the difficulties met along the way. One or two knew that they were a little anxious about being away from home but they talked it through and coped really well. Having planned the menu together I didn’t anticipate any problems about eating and they certainly enjoyed their food! Thanks to those who sent goodies to share- it was much appreciated. A chocolate brownie is a great comforter when you are flagging a little.
I was impressed by the ability the children showed in making up their beds and in keeping their dorms in order. They also managed, more or less, to pack their bags for the way home- some sleeping bags and duvets had to be wrestled into submission with the help of a friend or two.
Some children were absolute stars about helping in the kitchen or laying tables or in tidying the garden- all credit to you as parents for that.
We had a few house rules- one was to smile when it got tough and I can say that everybody managed that one- even the staff! We also had a rule of one request whereby we expected children to do as they were asked without us having to repeat the request. This cuts out the need to nag- good for those of us who do it and for those who have to listen to it.
In thinking about these basic house rules I realised that we have a need in both schools to remind ourselves of rules for in class too. This rule of one request worked very well in general and it is something we will use in both schools to cut down on unnecessary repetition and waste of teaching time. The children saw the sense in this rule and there is a universal acceptance that what they are asked to do is sensible, reasonable, has a point and is above all fair.
One area we have to work on is listening when required and not talking when instructions are being given. This leads to a considerable waste of teaching time in repeating instructions or answering unnecessary questions. There are times when children will need repetition or clarification of teaching points and that is absolutely fine. It is not fine if this is done because children were talking at the wrong time or not listening. I will be talking to all the children about this in the next couple of weeks.
I am sorry if this is a bit of a rant but I have noticed in the last few weeks how much time is lost in teachers having to repeat themselves unnecessarily or in asking children not to talk over them. Our children are well-mannered and polite on the whole and this is just a bad habit they have slipped into. Perhaps if both home and school are giving the same message in the next few weeks, we can improve on performance in this. Ultimately it will help teaching and learning in every class.
If you wildly disagree with this, please let me know- you know I love a spirited debate! If you have ideas of your own for raising the levels of polite behaviour, we would be interested to hear them.
This is a short week for children, resuming on Wednesday. Staff meet tomorrow to audit our performance this year, plan the calendar for next and to agree on a school improvement plan for 2013/14. If you have any thoughts on these matters, let me know and I can share them with staff- I am sure they will listen politely and not interrupt!

Have a great week,
Lindy Lynn

Head Teacher’s Blog

The excitement is rising-P4 off to Innerwick next week and P5-7 in two weeks time. Last year we went on a managed activity holiday with a commercial company. This year these trips are “homemade”- we organise everything ourselves- food, activities, resources and staffing. Apart from keeping the cost down, trips such as Innerwick offer a different experience for the children. The focus is not primarily on the activities on offer but more on being together and looking after ourselves and each other. I believe that this is an equally valuable experience for children. They learn to be away from home, to live and co-operate with others- sometimes people they might not choose to work with-to be a part of a group and responsible for the work of that group- if you don’t pull your weight in the kitchen, nobody eats!
If I didn’t have a firm belief in this, I would not have spent so much time (as a Guide leader I should add) sleeping in tents in fields around East Lothian, digging latrine pits and trying to wash myself in water heated in an old metal dustbin- Innerwick is the Ritz in comparison! I have taken hundreds of girls to camp and could tell a myriad of stories about it. We always prepared lots of activities- crafts and treasure hunts and orienteering and pioneering and…… The thing the girls enjoyed most, after they had become used to being a bit unwashed (there was general horror initially over lack of sockets for the hair-straighteners) was cooking for themselves over an open-fire which they had dug out and built and which would only burn if they had gathered enough wood and covered it the night before to keep it dry. The best bit for me was seeing youngsters struggle with the issues of friendship groups or homesickness or fitting into a role in a group- generally they got there- they coped, handled the situation (usually with help from their friends) and learned something about themselves in the process. Many parents told us about children who went home and were tearful about leaving friends (new and old) behind. It is an odd experience to live so closely with others in that setting and then suddenly to go back to “normal” life.
I hope your children will enjoy Innerwick, I hope the experience will be valuable and I hope that they will take something away that they will use in the future- (if it is someone else’s socks, please return).
I have managed to resurrect the Twitter account we used last time and will attempt to tweet. The username is saltounprimary and the password is saltoun. I will also get uploads onto the blog if possible to keep you informed about our adventures.
A note for next year: we have booked a stay at Lockerbie Manor- see the website- for P4-7. We go on 9th May 2014 and return on 12th May. This is a weekend stay- this halves the cost (around £120). We didn’t think you would mind your children being away over a weekend!
Treacle and I have our sleeping bags looked out.
Lindy Lynn

3/4 Art Gallery

Primary 3/4 are having an Art Exihibition on Wednesday 22nd May from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. Entry will be free but you will get the chance to purchase original paintings as well as prints and cards.Tour guides will take you round the amazing art work of primary 3/4.  Nibbles and drinks will be available for a small donation.The childern will also be organising games and activites on the night.

Writen by Dylan and Charlie