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25th August 2013

Well, we are all back and have survived the first week! We surely cannot complain about the weather this Summer- unlike the previous two- and I am hoping that we will all go into the winter more healthy and robust because of it.
It’s good to hit the ground running- refreshed from a great summer holiday, I am looking forward to another year in Humbie and Saltoun. So here are some challenging thoughts to kick us off.
One of the themes we would like to explore this year is responsibility. There exists already a sense of corporate responsibility amongst the staff and parents- it is our school, the problems are ours and together we will find solutions. Staff are very good at providing cover for each other to go to courses or meetings and there is no sense of clock-watching or minute counting when extra time is required. Likewise, if we need parent help for outings or events, we know we only have to ask.
We would like to build on this with the children this year and encourage them to take more responsibility for and ownership of the school and what happens in it. This could include very simple things like looking after playground equipment, and classroom resources to suggesting and leading learning experiences as a class or group.
The recent Mary’s Meals appeal at Saltoun has shown that there is a willingness to work together as a team to achieve a common goal- the support for that came from far and wide and across generations. Now that we have a growing number of older children in Humbie, there is more scope for opportunities for wider responsibilities.
We will start this off at assemblies by introducing ideas of belonging and ownership; develop it in class discussions and circle time and see what comes from the children- they are generally not short on ideas or opinions!
I now invite your ideas as parents on this subject. How do you think we can encourage your children to be more responsible for their school and their learning? What would you like them to have a greater involvement in at school? How can we best equip them with skills in this area, remembering their age and stage. What skills do you use as an adult at work or as a parent, which you think your children could begin to learn now?
I look forward to your response.

Have a great week,
Lindy Lynn

New Primary 1 Pupils at Saltoun

Our new Primary 1 pupils had great fun tying up their teacher!