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Parental Consultations 8th & 10th October

Click here to download forms if you have lost yours.Parental Consultations

Harvest Thanksgiving Saltoun Parish Church 10am Tuesday lst October 2013

Please do come along for our service of Thanksgiving.  Donations of non-perishable foodstuffs will be collected in aid of East Lothian Foodbank.

Angles Are All Around..

P3-4 started a new maths topic this morning.  We will spend the next few weeks looking at angles as well as position and movement. Today we learned that when two lines meet an angle is formed. We explored the angles all around us in the classroom and out in the playground.  

Head Teacher’s Soggy Blog

21st September 2013 Apologies for the two week gap in the blog- the schedule now that we are back to school is somewhat hectic. However I am sure no one has lost sleep over the lack of an epistle from me! Some thoughts this week about our HATS Day. Although we generally try to build […]

HATS Day in Saltoun Big Wood

What a day to bring to a wild child on PhotoPeach

Despite the Weather …..

Despite the weather P3-4 had a great morning in Saltoun Big Woods.  We played games (to keep warm!), completed a trail blind fold, spent time with Richard (the Ranger) and went on a treasure hunt – all the time thinking about team work and communication. We returned to school a little earlier than originally anticipated […]

Making Soup

Yesterday P3-4 continued the theme of Health Week and made some healthy lentil and carrot soup in our Health and Wellbeing lesson.

Look What Happened to Matthew Rothon and Kyle!

Although this looks very life like, don’t worry it is just fake! This morning Martyn Pegg came to talk to us about First Aid and what to do if we come across someone who is hurt or injured.  We learned about D(anger) R(esponse) A(irway) B(reathing).  We looked at what we do if someone is choking and the […]

Big Breakfast!

Health Week has been going really well! Went into school today and staff told me the pupils had a great learning experience on Monday with Liz from RHET. Pupils can describe, with indepth detail, the journey of milk from source to consumer and they also know the health benefits of drinking milk on a daily […]

Having Fun with Michael Rosen

P3-4 have really enjoyed listening to and watching Michael Rosen recite some of his wonderful poems this week.  We have especially loved Chocolate Cake, Michael’s Big Book of Bad Things (Parts 1 – 3) and the Michael Rosen Rap.  We hope to write our own Raps in the next few weeks. You can find out more on […]