Big Breakfast!

Health Week has been going really well! Went into school today and staff told me the pupils had a great learning experience on Monday with Liz from RHET. Pupils can describe, with indepth detail, the journey of milk from source to consumer and they also know the health benefits of drinking milk on a daily basis.

Today we had the lovely ladies from ABEL in school. ABEL is the anti bullying east lothian organisation. I really enjoyed listening to my classes thoughts and opinions on what they perceive bullying to be. I was fascinated by some of the P6’s mature and thoughtful responses.

Tomorrow is our Big Breakfast. It is promoting a ‘no sugar’ approach to nutrition. Pupils have made granola and apricot slice with Mrs Stewart. A small group of pupils will also be making fruit smoothies, which they practised making today with Marjorie Shepherd. We hope to see as many as you there tomorrow bright and early at 8am! We have raised £5002 for Mary’s Meals so far… us with our final push!

After brekkie, all pupils will be taking part in First Aid training with Martyn Pegg. They will be learning how to cope in a range of emergency situations.

A huge thanks to all the people with specialist skills who have helped us this week! It’s been great fun.

Mrs Birrell