Saltoun Primary School

Health Week 9-12th September

We have a busy and active Health Week planned next week at Saltoun! Each day there is a different focus from Curriculum for Excellence covering Physical, Mental and Social Wellbeing. On Monday, pupils will be learning about how food gets from source to consumer, by milking a cow and turning milk to cream. On Tuesday, pupils will be learning about food preparation and making some healthy foods for our Big Breakfast. Wednesday is a day of relaxation. Pupils will be practising meditation techniques that can help them cope with the stresses of daily life. Thursday will start with our health promoting Big Breakfast – all funds for Mary’s Meals. Pupils will then have Emergency Response First Aid Training, where they will learn how to respond to danger. I think you will agree that it is going to be a jam packed week, full of learning that will hope fully equip pupils with skills for life. Feel free to pop in and observe any of our activities!

Mrs Birrell

One Response to “Health Week 9-12th September”

  1. P3-4 thinks that next week’s programme sounds “awesome”. We are looking forward to milking the cow and learning First Aid. Thank you for organising a great Health Week programme for us.