An end of term message

Just a last minute message before the end of term. We have a busy week ahead with P1/2 Nativity on Tuesday night, Panto on Wednesday for school and party for Nursery, Service on Thursday and party on Friday.
It has been a good term and seems to have shot past very quickly. There have been many highlights- the new P1 children settled in quickly and each class group seemed to fit together well; we have had 2 very successful HATS Days with Humbie; the P5/6 class has established itself as a school management team- each group has clear and agreed responsibilities and are taking them on board enthusiastically; we reached our Mary’s Meals target; house groups worked together to explore a variety of topics in our Maths Week.
The learning has been lively and active and there is visible (and aural) evidence that the children are engaged in what they are doing. The P1/2 children produced a thoughtful and thought-provoking display at the end of our “I Wonder” topic and were able to describe many of the things that they found wonderful in the world. P3/4 went on a journey round Scotland, stopping for a while at the Tunnocks Teacake factory in Uddingston- and learning about where important places are on the map of our country; P5/6 have been engrossed in World War 2 and have produced some impressive pieces of writing, as well as learning to dance a mean Jitterbug! All of this, of course, is underpinned by the bread and butter of Literacy and Numeracy. Most mornings are spent on these old favourites and we are fortunate enough now to have a Classroom Assistant in each class every morning to support the work going on these areas. We look forward to Rebecca Young joining us in January as our new Classroom Assistant. She will be working initially with the P3/4 class.
As a staff in our professional meeting time, we are exploring ways to continually improve teaching and learning and this term we have been focussing on key expectations at each level of CfE- in plain-speak: what do we expect the average child to know and be able to do at the end of each year? Having agreed on these- and set the bar high- we are now looking at our resources and programmes of work to see that they can deliver.
We are about to bid farewell to Jacky Baillie. Jacky has worked in the school for about 19 years and will be sorely missed. Her role in school is wide and varied- and I suspect that in the coming months there will be many moments when we have to deal with matters which would automatically fallen under her remit. I personally would like to acknowledge her help and support to me in the past 3 years- my transition into the Saltoun and Humbie headship has been greatly eased by Jacky’s efficiency, calmness, ability to look ahead and anticipate and above all her sense of humour- she has laughed at every one of my awful jokes- no mean feat!
And what of 2014- well lots of exciting things to come. The first being the celebration of handing over £6000 to Mary’s Meals. Please join us, if you can, on Wednesday 8th January in the Fletcher Hall. The programme for this is a little hazy yet, but it is certainly an occasion to celebrate. The classes are working together on a theme of “Wheels in Motion” in January. Suggestions for activities for this are very welcome. To round this off there will be a HATS Day with a technology theme on 5th February. All offers of help greatly appreciated. We have some student teachers about next term and so if you see some new faces about the building, please make yourself known.
And… the mid-term break begins on Friday 7th February.
I expect to see many of you in the course of the week, bit if I don’t can I wish you all a very happy Chrstmas time and all the best for 2014.
Lindy Lynn

2 thoughts on “An end of term message

  1. Lovely to read this blog on a very boring Sunday night. It’s made my night, and it’s reminded me that I haven’t made the boys packed lunches yet!!! Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2014.

  2. And a Merry Christmas to you Lindy! Here’s to term 3 with lots of exciting learning ahead, scripting our own show to perform at Easter, being one of them.

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