Kept in the Dark

Last Friday, Saltoun Primary School celebrated the WWF’s Earth Hour by turning off all the lights and computers (as well as other gadgets) in the school for 90 minutes.  Organised by the ECO Committee, the children heard a short presentation about why Earth Hour was important before returning to their classrooms to carry on with their lessons in the dark!

P3-4  decorated stars and wrote down their wishes for the planet:

“… for people to stop killing nature”. (Ishbel, P3)

“… for people to stop killing animals”. (Connor, P3)

“… for people to stop destroying the coral reefs”. (Lochie, P4)

Did your family participate in Earh Hour on Saturday night?  If so, what did you do?

1 thought on “Kept in the Dark

  1. Been reading everything that’s been going on and it sounds like great fun! Hope everything is alright and the saltoun spirit is still going! 😀

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