Saltoun Gets COLOURFUL!!!!

Next Friday, 9th May, Saltoun Primary are going to decorate the village with COLOUR!!!. P1/2 are going to be weaving the fences and gates with colourful ribbons. P3/4 are going to be making little bugs out of old corks and putting them on gates and hedges in Saltoun and P5/6 are going to be graffiting the plastic bus shelter and using chalk to decorate the village as well.


3 thoughts on “Saltoun Gets COLOURFUL!!!!

  1. Sounds great. Count me in to help out. Not too sure if weaving fences, making bugs or painting the bus stop with graffiti is my forte, but I can but try. See you then.

  2. Asked Lee (whose brilliant idea this is!) where to find out more about what we will be doing & she pointed me in the direction of Information can be found under the Voluntary Arts Week section & some great ideas on the CraftBomb Pinterest board.

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