All slept like logs last night after a full day of canoeing, mountain biking, climbing, abseiling,rifle shooting….  More to come today plus rope work, zip wire and of course the dreaded disco tonight!  The weather is better than forecast but we are still a bit muddy and wet at times but there is a good drying room and we are coping. All in good spirits, even the staff and raring to go for another hectic day.  Big Happy Birthday to Matthew Neilson-what a way to spend your 9 th birthday!!

Lindy et al

1 thought on “Sunday

  1. Sounds like they are having a ball. So many fantastic activities. No wonder they are sleeping so well. Here’s hoping they sleep as well tonight. Lovely to speak to my big 9 year old today. Thanks so much for phoning. You do realize that from now on the camp dates are going to have to be organized around Matt’s birthday. He’s never going to want another Birthday at home!!!Thank you to all the lovely staff. You all deserve medals.

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