Today we had fun gardening at school. We found potatoes and onions and lots and lots of weeds. We painted pots and we painted stones.

On Monday we went on Mathletics and learned about money.

Yesterday Lee gave us a quiz about sticks and I got it all right. THE sticks were from trees in Strawberry Woods.

MAY p3

P3/4 Rugby

Every Wednesday we do tag rugby on the field next to the hall, for a warm up we play a game of rugby tig
where Michael chooses 3 tiggers and when he shouts GO we all run over to the other side of the pitch with out losing a tag from the tiggers,if you lose 2 tags you become a tigger in the game.
for an exercise we play a real game of tag rugby, we split into two teams by finding a partner and naming ourselves 1 and 2,number 1’s get a bib to recognize the teams.
Lucy p3

Music at Saltoun Primary

On Tuesdays I go to violin with Ms Wilson. My favourite song is Crocodile. This week I got a Star Award for playing the violin well.
After school on the same day we have recorder club. Ishbel’s mum is our recorder teacher. I enjoying learning the notes on the recorder.
I like that I can now play lots of songs on the violin and recorder.

Zsara , p4

world book day

On Thursday the 5th of March it was world book day. We dressed up from Alice in Wonderland. We decorated our classroom doors. We made them look like the doors from Alice in Wonderland. On p 1/2’s door was the rabbit hole. On p 3/4’s door was the mad hatters tea party. On p 5/6/7’s door was the door to the beautiful garden. We all dressed up as characters from the story. In p 1/2 we acted out a part of the story. In p 3/4 we made the drink me potion and the eat me cake. In p 5/6 we made a big comic strip from the story.


Hope, p5

Trip to Sanderson’s Wynd

P4 went to Sanderson’s Wynd on Wednesday. An author called Jonathan Meres who wrote books called The World Of Norm came and read us a chapter from one of his books. He did some funny actions and told us some types of things that his books were based on like the Diary Of The Wimpy Kid. It was really funny!

Maggie P4

Ishbel p4