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Saltoun Summer Fair

Saltoun Summer Fair (1)

Lennox Author Award on PhotoPeach Here are the scripts of our three dramas- Noah’s Ark Murdo – Kangaroo Hope – God Ryan – Noah Hope: Many, many years ago women and men grew in number but they were wicked and cruel. So I decided to destroy them in a great flood. All the people except […]

Pupil’s Plant Planters

Today Eden Young’s mum and grandpa came into school to help all the children plant their planters.   Before the Easter holidays the children across the whole school individually decorated pots and chose the fruit and/or vegetables that they wished to grow.  Today was planting day! The children will be responsible for looking after their own pots, making […]

Primary 1/2 News

Primary 1/2 Pictures on PhotoPeach We have been learning about the human body and living things. We are growing sunflowers and have also made some beautiful ones!

Saltoun Primary Newsletter May 2015

Saltoun Newsletter May 15 The latest Saltoun Primary Newsletter is now available for you to read at your leisure 🙂

New school lunch menu for Spring & Summer 2015

Primary School Spring/Summer Menu 2015 Spare copies of the menu are also available from the school office.

The vikings

P3-4 have started a new topic on Vikings. We made a longship leaflet with illustrations. P3-4 are going to get homework for doing poster work. P3-4 made a big longship and we are just making oars for a big longship. They are not real oars just paper ones and so is the big longship. We […]

P3/P4 swimming 2015 8.5.15

On Thursday P3/4 went swimming. We played treasure in teams. We had to dive and grab a piece of treasure. Team one won. We did front crawl. I enjoyed treasure the most. Brennan P4

HATS Day at Humbie

Last Tuesday at Humbie all the P4’s from Saltoun and Humbie worked together in groups. We were doing science experiments to prove how a seed can grow using light and water. We had different cups with cotton wool and kitchen roll in. Some of the cups were covered and had water, some were covered without […]