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Here are the scripts of our three dramas-

Noah’s Ark

Murdo – Kangaroo
Hope – God
Ryan – Noah

Hope: Many, many years ago women and men grew in number but they were wicked and cruel. So I decided to destroy them in a great flood. All the people except Noah and his family.
Ryan: I was told to build an ark, 3 storeys high with a door in the side. I filled it with food and water to drink.
Hope: Noah, you must fill the ark with a male and female of every animal. Quick, the rain is coming.
Ryan: For 40 days and 40 nights the rain fell. The ark was lifted above the Earth, high in the sky.
Hope: I will send a gust of wind over the Earth and the rain will begin to stop.
Ryan: I sent out a dove but it could find nowhere to rest its feet, so 7 days later I sent it out again. It came back with an olive branch.
Hope: Noah, open the door of the ark. The land is dry now. I will never flood the Earth again. I promise.

Robin Hood

Robin – I am Robin Hood, I live in Sherwood forest with my band of merry men. We build our homes in trees and caves and when we see a wealthy traveller passing we treat them to a feast and make them pay a heavy price.

Robin – I’m going to see if I can find any wealthy travellers.
Outlaw – Blow your horn 3 times if there’s any trouble!
Robin – OK!
Robinwhistling – I didn’t know a river was here, good job there’s a log so I can cross.
Little John – I’m going to cross first.
Robin – I shoot you if you don’t let me cross first. It would be unfair to shoot, you only have a staff.
Little John and Robin – FIGHT!
laughing – blows his horn
Outlaw – That’s Robin’s horn, let’s go.
Little John – Fair Fight.
Outlaw – Get him!
Robin – You want to join our band of merry men?
Little John – OK!
Robin – You need a nickname!
Outlaw – What about Little John?
Outlaw – Welcome to our merry men, Little John.


Golden Apple

Hamish: In Ancient Greece, gods and goddesses lived on Mount Olympus.
Fraser: I’m the goddess Hera, this is Athena and this is Aphrodite.
Hamish: After King Peleus fell in love with Thetis they had a very grand wedding.
Fraser: When Eris gate crashed the wedding she threw her gift, the golden apple inscribed with the words “to the fairest”
Hamish : We 3 goddesses quarrelled over who should get the golden apple.
Matthew: Face it girls, I’m divine, give me the apple. I’m the fairest.
Fraser: We’re all divine, stupid.
Hamish: Maybe, but I’m divinely divine.
All: It’s mine, no it’s mine!
Matthew: Eventually I get the golden apple, I am the fairest. ;

Pupil’s Plant Planters

Today Eden Young’s mum and grandpa came into school to help all the children plant their planters.   Before the Easter holidays the children across the whole school individually decorated pots and chose the fruit and/or vegetables that they wished to grow.  Today was planting day!

The children will be responsible for looking after their own pots, making sure their plants have enough water, appropriate amount of sunlight, etc.

A big ‘Thank You’ to Lee and Tom for giving up their morning to help everyone.  We are all looking forward to a bumper harvest of strawberries, blackcurrants, carrots, leeks, etc. later in the year.


The vikings

P3-4 have started a new topic on Vikings. We made a longship leaflet with illustrations. P3-4 are going to get homework for doing poster work. P3-4 made a big longship and we are just making oars for a big
longship. They are not real oars just paper ones and so is the big longship. We searched library books to find facts about the Vikings.

by Ishbel P4

HATS Day at Humbie

Last Tuesday at Humbie all the P4’s from Saltoun and Humbie worked together in groups. We were doing science experiments to prove how a seed can grow using light and water. We had different cups with cotton wool and kitchen roll in. Some of the cups were covered and had water, some were covered without water, some were uncovered without water and some were uncovered with water. We made a little space at the top for the seeds then we put the seeds in.
After we did some worksheets about naming all the different parts of a plant.
We have still to find out the results of our experiment but I think that the seed with water and light will grow.
by Callum p4