In P3/4 for RME we are looking at Hinduism. We learned that Hinduism started in India.

In India they have lots of spices which they use in curries.

In India people dance with pennies on their wrists and ankles.

We learned about a Hindu myth. We looked at a doll that helps tell the story.

Hindus wear a red dot on their forehead.

Hindus light candles when they pray.

May and Katie, Primary 4

The Victorians Topic p5,6,7

At the beginning of the new term the p5,6,7’s started a topic on the Victorians.
We did a work sheet that had a table with 3 headings:

1 of the headings was “I think”. It was so you could say what you thought about the Victorians.

The 2nd heading was “What puzzles me?”. It was so that you could say what you wanted to learn, for example “How did Queen Victoria die?”.

The 3rd heading was “I wonder”. It was so that you could say what interested you, for example “I wonder if Queen Victoria left any children behind?”

In table groups we made posters about Queen Victoria. We had to write about: when she was born, how long she reigned and what changes she brought to the country, her family and when she died.

By Jordi Wilson P7


P3/4 Magnet Game

P3/4 have been learning about magnets. Magnets only pick up certain types of metal – iron, steel, cobalt and nickel. We have decided to make a game that includes magnets. This is Sarah and May’s design.


Sarah Gentle, Primary 4

New Active Schools Programme

Paper copies of the new Active Schools Programme are being sent home with all pupils today. Bookings can be made online using the following link:
www.eastlothian.gov.uk/ActiveSchoolsTranent – Site Goes live at 6pm on Tuesday 20th October

This time around there is also a waiting list feature so hopefully there will be very little in the way of paper copies being sent back.



                                                            8th October 2015


Saltoun Newsletter

I can’t believe that we are already approaching the October break, what a busy first term it has been! I think that the weather has now decided that autumn is on its way after the un-seasonally warm weather of last week. I hope we are lucky with the weather next week and that we have some dry sunny days to get out and about.




Following on from the Big French Breakfast we have continued our role out of French across the whole school. Some of the children are now happy to hold a short conversation in French and the children enjoy incorporating French across the whole curriculum, counting forwards and backwards in French during a maths lesson and following instructions in French as part of a PE lesson. This week Mrs Ritchie operated a French café for the children’s fruit snack at break with the older children assisting the younger ones to ask for some fruit in French. The children really enjoyed this! After the October break we will be joined by our French Assistant, Manon, so there will be external adult support in school every week to support the teaching. I think you had better get those French holidays booked now!




Thank you to everyone who supported our recent Harvest Festival in church and made generous food contributions to our chosen charity. I know many of you have stopped me to say how much you enjoyed the service. I think it was lovely that all children were able to contribute to the celebration. What a lot of talent we have in school!



Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO’s)


This week has been the first of our walk to school weeks and our new JRSO’s have been taking their role very seriously. Thank you to everyone who supported our walking bus from the Glebe. The JRSO’s this year are Hope and Tanya; they recently attended some training about the importance of wearing reflective clothing in the dark and the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. Below is there account of the training:


We went to a JRSO meeting in Port Seton Community Centre. When we arrived we signed in and got a bag full of pens, stickers and books. These were for prizes for our school when we make up competitions.

Next a tall woman experimented with an egg called Billy and told us a story! Billy had a polystyrene helmet on and we dropped him on the floor on purpose – he was perfectly fine. Billy wore his helmet until he went to High School. Then he became friends with older eggs and they encouraged him not to wear a helmet when he was on his bike. We dropped Billy again and this time he exploded and had to go to hospital. This helped us understand why we should always wear a helmet. We also talked about the importance of wearing reflective vests so cars can see you.


Written by Hope and Tanya


Some of the resources used at the training are going to be loaned to schools so the JRSOs can demonstrate what they learnt in an assembly.



Home Grown Vegetables.

Last week some of the children from P1 & 2 dug up the vegetables that they had planted with Lee Young earlier in the year. There was a very good crop of potatoes and the children enjoyed cooking these and eating them warm with some butter on. They had grown a variety of names and were keen to find which potato tasted the best!


Author Corners

You may have remembered reading in the School Improvement leaflet that came home earlier this term that one of our focuses this year was on reading. As part of this work every class has a chosen author that they study for the entire term. The children read a variety of books by the Author and also find out information about the author such as where they were born; what was the first book they got published; did they have any brothers and sisters etc. This term P1&2 have been focusing on Julia Donaldson, P3&4 have been focusing on Roald Dahl and P5,6&7 have been focusing on Michael Morpurgo. The children at Humbie School have also been focusing on a particular author and this term they have also concentrated on Roald Dahl. With this in mind we decided to hold a Roald Dahl day at Humbie and the P3&4 children went to Humbie to share their learning. They all dressed up as their favourite character and had lots of fun. Below is the children’s account of the activities they carried out:



We have been learning about Roald Dahl in P3-4 at Saltoun so we decided to go to Humbie Primary to share our learning with all the children. We all dressed up as a Roald Dahl character.

We showed the Humbie children how to make a Roly Poly Bird and we made an Enormous Crocodile because we had been reading the Enormous Crocodile. Roald Dahl lived in Africa for a little while which inspired him to write the book. We shared some facts about Roald Dahl’s life. He was born in 1916 and he died in 1990.

The Humbie upper class shared their writing which was inspired by James and the Giant Peach and The Hungry Caterpillar. We loved listening to their stories.

Inside the chocolate factory we made ice cream milkshakes and ice cream floats. That was our favourite activity!


Holly and Lucy (P4)



School Council

Recently, our newly elected school council have been very busy consulting children on changes we would like to make to our school reward systems. The council have decided, through discussion with their peers, that they would like to introduce a system of smiley face rewards that allows children to gain a bronze, silver and gold award for good behaviour and manners. The children who receive their gold reward will have their photograph printed in the newsletter so that everyone can see who our star pupils are. The children also consulted on rewarding our school houses for their lining up at break time and lunchtime. They would like to have the opportunity of electing a ‘super house’ that can then earn additional rewards. Further details will be contained in our new behaviour policy. The council have also taken decisions about Hobby Friday, playground toys and Fitness Friday! They have been busy!


We have now reached the stage where we would like to consult with some of our parents over these new ideas and explain how they will fit in to the new behaviour policy. Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to be part of this consultation group. We will be in touch to arrange a date for a meeting in the first week back after the October break.



Well I hope that has brought you up to date on some of our more recent news. I wish you all a very happy holiday and look forward to working with you all again next term.







Dates for next session


22/10 Nursery Trip to Strawberry Woods

27/10 P5-7 Hockey

29/10 Nursery Trip to Strawberry Woods

30/10 Scholastic Book Club Deadline for ordering

30/10 Flu Immunisations in school


5/11 Nursery Trip to Strawberry Woods

19/11 Parent Council AGM

23/11 Tempest Photography – Individual and Family Group Photos


3/12 Nursery Trip to see Stick Man Show in Edinburgh

8/12 Pantomime

16/12 Xmas Production

17/12 Joint Carol Service

18/12 Joint Xmas Party & Last Day of Term


Tuesday 5th January – All resume for new term.



Junior Road Safety Officers Report


J.R.S.O Meeting

On Friday the 4th September 2015 we went to a JRSO meeting in Port Seton community centre. We got picked up by EC Clark’s mini bus. It came from Humbie with Sam, Katie, Bella and Jack. When we got there we had to sign in and we got a bag full of pens, stickers and books. These were for prizes for our school when we make up competitions. We also got a word search each.

Next a tall woman experimented with an egg called Billy! He had a polystyrene helmet on and we dropped him on purpose and he was perfectly fine. He wore his helmet until he was in high school. Then he became friends with older eggs and they encouraged him to not wear a helmet when he was on his bike. Then we dropped him on purpose and he exploded and had to go to hospital. So the tall woman encouraged us to wear our helmets when we are going on our bikes. And in the winter obviously it gets darker so she also talked about wearing reflective vests so cars can see you. The government are working on putting a sound on electric cars so children can hear them when they are walking across the road.

The main points are to always wear a helmet, stop, look, listen and think when crossing a road. We are going to set up competitions and encourage wearing helmets in school!!

Hope Wilson & Tanya Paterson, P6

Message from Mrs Leighton

11th September 2015

Dear all,
Yesterday I had the pleasure of answering two phone calls from the general public congratulating parents, children & staff on the decorations outside school for the Tour of Britain. I said I would pass their compliments on to all involved. Thank you once again for all your hard work.
Have a good weekend