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In P3/4 for RME we are looking at Hinduism. We learned that Hinduism started in India. In India they have lots of spices which they use in curries. In India people dance with pennies on their wrists and ankles. We learned about a Hindu myth. We looked at a doll that helps tell the story. […]

The Victorians Topic p5,6,7

At the beginning of the new term the p5,6,7’s started a topic on the Victorians. We did a work sheet that had a table with 3 headings: 1 of the headings was “I think”. It was so you could say what you thought about the Victorians. The 2nd heading was “What puzzles me?”. It was […]

What You Say Counts!

ELC What you say counts 261015 ELC What you say Counts Poster A3 Attached is a poster and leaflet produced by East Lothian Council which describes ways in which parents can help to engage children in maths.

P3/4 Magnet Game

P3/4 have been learning about magnets. Magnets only pick up certain types of metal – iron, steel, cobalt and nickel. We have decided to make a game that includes magnets. This is Sarah and May’s design. Sarah Gentle, Primary 4

Information about Norovirus

New Active Schools Programme

Paper copies of the new Active Schools Programme are being sent home with all pupils today. Bookings can be made online using the following link: – Site Goes live at 6pm on Tuesday 20th October This time around there is also a waiting list feature so hopefully there will be very little in the […]


                                                              8th October 2015   Saltoun Newsletter I can’t believe that we are already approaching the October break, what a busy first term it has been! I think that the weather has now decided that autumn is on its way after the un-seasonally warm weather of last week. I hope we are lucky with […]


Junior Road Safety Officers Report

J.R.S.O Meeting On Friday the 4th September 2015 we went to a JRSO meeting in Port Seton community centre. We got picked up by EC Clark’s mini bus. It came from Humbie with Sam, Katie, Bella and Jack. When we got there we had to sign in and we got a bag full of pens, […]

Message from Mrs Leighton

11th September 2015 Dear all, Yesterday I had the pleasure of answering two phone calls from the general public congratulating parents, children & staff on the decorations outside school for the Tour of Britain. I said I would pass their compliments on to all involved. Thank you once again for all your hard work. Have […]