p5,6,7 topic

This term p5,6,7 have been looking at the Victorians. For homework we were asked to do something about an invention made in the Victorian times. In class we wrote an imaginary entry from a Victorian child’s diary. The following are two examples.

March 27th 1827
In London I was looking for a job. I had come from East Saltoun in Scotland. I am knocking on doors and doors but I still can’t find a job.
A job is hard to get I thought. My name is Robert but I prefer Bob. I am 10 years old. I finally have a job.
I hate it. It is a complete nightmare. My job is a match boxer.

March 30th 1827
I was at work today. I was hot. I have a friend called Mog who accidentally set the whole building on fire. First the table then the flames spread to the building.
We ran out like mad and used the telephone to call the fire men.

March 31st 1827
The fire is over and I now know that some jobs are dangerous. Now I need to find a job! Yipee!

By Brennan Pender, Primary 5

A big dinner party!
I heard the maid stumble up the stairs bringing me my hot water to get washed. I rolled out of my nice, comfy bed onto the soft carpet. I slowly got my fancy school clothes and shoes on. I tiptoed down the padded stairs and into the dining room where Mother and Father were waiting to start breakfast.
After breakfast I walked up the stairs saying goodbye to Father on the way and carried on to the school room. When I paraded into the school room Ma’am set me off on some handwriting. Next some reading, then some maths. Ma’am said that I did very good work today and I can get extra lunch break so that means I got two hours off.
I went and helped mother to see if the servants were aware of the dinner party tomorrow night. “That reminds one that thee need a new dress for looking grown up tomorrow night, let’s go out now” Mother said grandly. I rushed to get my hat and coat and gloves. I met Mother at the door. We went outside to ask our chauffeur if he would drive us to Shoes and Stitches.
I chose a lovely emerald green dress and sea blue shoes. Mother bought me some hair curlers so I can wear them at night in bed. We rushed home to have lunch and go back to school in the school room. I did some art for the rest of the afternoon.
When I walked out of the room I heard Father come in the door. I rushed down to the pantry only to find that Father had been pick pocketed walking down the street. He asked if I was ready for tomorrow’s dinner party. I nodded. I started at my dinner.
Next evening I got into my new dress and new shoes. I ran down the stairs to greet the guests. I sat down to wait for the first of ten courses. It was fish, then salad, next deer, avocado and lots more things. I went to bed happy.

By Eleanor Doubal, Primary 5

School Newsletter

Monday 9th November 2015

Dear Parent/Carer,

This term we have been trying out some new rewards in school and as part of this work each house has the opportunity to earn cards to build the word “Super house”. The idea is that the children in each house work together as a team when it comes to lining up on the playground or taking part in activities such as sports day, where the children are grouped in their houses. Last week the children from Kinchie managed to spell the word “Super house” with the cards they have collected which means that the children in this house have now earned a reward. The house captains came to me to collect the menu of rewards which includes things like wearing your own clothes to school for the day; having an additional playtime; having an additional PE lesson; having a story & popcorn with myself. The school council have helped to come up with the ideas for the rewards and we will change them frequently. The Kinchie captains asked all the children in the house what they would like for their reward and this time the most popular choice was to wear their own clothes to school for a day. So this Wednesday, 11th November, all the children in Kinchie House can wear their own clothes to school. Well-done Knichie! We have now started to collect cards again – I wonder which will be the next house to collect all the cards to spell super house?

On a different note, just a quick reminder that on Friday we are having a “wear your own clothes to school day” in support of Children in Need. We are asking children to bring a donation into school for the charity but we are leaving the amount for you to decide.

Yours sincerely,

S.A. Leighton
Head Teacher

Around Scotland

In p3/4 we are looking at Around Scotland. At first we were thinking about what we know about Scotland.
Then we thought about what puzzles us and we wrote questions on post it notes. My question was where in Scotland do I live?
Now we are looking at maps. First we were looking at the map of the world then we were looking at the map of Scotland then we were looking at the map of East Lothian and finally we were looking at the map of East Saltoun.
We started to look at the key which tells you what the symbols on a map mean. A map is like a bird’s eye view but from higher up.

Brodie Wallace, Olivia Campbell, Primary 3/4

Dates for your Diary

A full newsletter will be following shortly but I wanted to make sure that you all had a list of the forthcoming Christmas dates as I know how busy diaries can get at this time of year!

19th Parent Council AGM
28th Humbie Christmas Market

12th Saltoun Village Carol Singing Evening 4pm to 6pm
15th 6pm Nativity (Nursery to P4)
16th Combined schools P5-7 Carol Service: 2pm Humbie Village Hall, 6.30pm Fletcher Hall Saltoun
17th Nursery Party
18th School Parties P1-7


Head Teacher


In May 2015 Saltoun Primary School and Saltoun Nursery started a project where every child was given a 20lt plant pot to grow whatever they wanted


They decorated their pots and with the aid of a suggested plant list picked what they would like to grow.

Pentax Digital Camera

Pentax Digital Camera

They then planted or sewed the plants and were given basic instructions on how to maintain the pots.

The children were given time regularly to water and weed their pots. They were encouraged to use their own time to look after the pots as well.


The Children who left for High school this year took their pots with them and will hopefully continue to grow in the future.

The nursery children have been able to follow plants from seed to table and enjoyed eating carrots and potatoes that they grew themselves.


While this year’s harvest has had mixed results, good for carrots, but bad for Strawberries. It has prompted a lot of questions and going forward the children will be looking more into pollination, fertilisers, and general plant husbandry. They are already looking forward to next year.
Saltoun Primary School would like to say a huge thank you to the following people:

R&B Nurseries, for donating the pots.

Garden Solutions, for donating the compost.

Dalkeith Horticultural Society for their continuing support and expertise.

The Scottish Gardeners Forum, for their grant which made all of this possible.

Your generosity has offered a unique opportunity to Saltoun Primary which will hopefully produce a new generation of gardeners.

2015 Plants grown by children

Potatoes (3 var)
Green beans
Broad Beans
Sweet peas
Mixed Herbs