Primary 5-7 Science

Primary 5-7 Science on PhotoPeach

First we had to move two jelly cubes from an empty pot into a pot of oil. Then we had to move the two jelly cubes back to the first pot. We learnt that there was less friction in the first pot and more in the second pot.

Maggie Jeans, Primary 5

Let’s talk about maths

A group set up to challenge negative attitudes towards maths wants to hear the views of parents’ and young people. The Making Maths Count expert group, established by Education Secretary Angela Constance, has launched a short online questionnaire to find out how people feel about maths and how they use their maths skills. The group, which brings together expertise from industry, academia and science, has been tasked with identifying which factors can create negative attitudes towards maths, before making its recommendations on how to improve the nation’s enthusiasm for and participation in the subject. Teachers, parents, carers and young people are all encouraged to contribute their thoughts as part of the group’s call for evidence.

Further information and the online questionnaire is at