Eco Committee News

We have had a busy year so far working towards the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. Our many activities have included:-
litter picks, composting, recycling,
feeding the birds, planting wild flowers and bee friendly plants,
eco poem and logo competitions,
taking part in the RSPB Birdwatch and the Gardening Scotland competition
attending a Recycling Super Heroes Show and Workshop
doing our “Daily Mile” and Walk to School Week

However the assessment criteria have changed since we started our projects. This means that we have had to put our plans for gaining the award for the school on hold for the moment. We are confident that we will be able to submit evidence of all our hard work so far and add it to what we do next year so that we can get the Green Flag flying at Saltoun Primary again soon.

Summer Newsletter

24th May 2016
Summer Term Newsletter

The school term is now well underway and it is lovely to have Mrs Ritchie back and be back to full strength as a staff once again. Once again we have plenty of activities taking place, in fact it is sometimes hard to keep track of everything! As the end of the school year approaches we are hoping to hold some family events to celebrate the hard work that has taken place this school year.

John Muir Award
As you know the older children have been involved in a John Muir Conservation Project this year with the P5-7 children at Humbie. As part of this work the children have been clearing the area around the local tip and planting some wild flowers. We are planning to have a joint schools family trip to see the work that the children have been carrying out on 28th June. Mrs Ritchie will be in touch shortly to give the full details of this event.

Pitch Pulse Magic
On Friday May 13th the children from P5-7 enjoyed the final concert in the Pitch Pulse Magic series. This time the concert was given by a flautist and guitarist. The children really enjoyed listening to music such as the James Bond Theme tune. There were also some budding conductors who were invited to put their skills to the test, they took great delight in stopping and starting the musicians as well as varying the tempo of their performances! Below is an account of the concert from the children:

On Friday 13th May P5-7 went to Humbie hall and listened to a concert with the P5-7 children from Humbie. There were two people, one called Yvonne and she was playing the flute, the other was Andrew and he was playing the guitar. The first piece of music they played was from Argentina, it was a tango. After that they played the James Bond theme tune but they didn’t tell us that was what it was, we had to guess. After that Yvonne told us a bit about her flute. Catriona from Humbie helped by pressing the keys on the flute.
Andrew told us that he had only had a teacher for six weeks and then he taught himself how to play the guitar, he was really good. Andrew played the Harry Potter theme to us. We had a go at conducting Andrew and Yvonne, it was good fun!

By Ishbel and Murdo

Music around school
As always the children enjoy any musical activity and we are very fortunate in P1/2 to have Gordon Turnbull working with us at the moment looking at Storytelling and music, the children have really enjoyed this. Whilst on the subject of music, congratulations have to be offered to Olivia and Lucy in P4 who represented Saltoun last week at the inter -school Rotary Club music competition. Olivia won first prize in the P4 class and Lucy came a formidable second. However we need to also congratulate all the other children who took part, I understand all the prizes were really closely contested! The other children who took part were Sarah P4, Maggie, Connor, Cameron P5 and Hope P6, we are very proud of you all.

TRI Sports
This year the P1-7 children are taking part in tri-schools sports day at Meadowmill with Elphinstone & Humbie on Tuesday 14th June. Full details will come out nearer the time but we hope many of you will be able to come along and cheer the children on. We will be transporting the children by coach with the children from Humbie to help keep the cost down. I am really looking forward to this event as we had to cancel it at the last minute last year and I have yet to see how it operates.

P6&7 Camp
As you may know our P6&7 children , together with Humbie P6&7 and Mrs Anderson, joined the children from Longniddry Primary School for school camp this year to Loch Insh. By all accounts they had a fabulous time skiing, sailing, climbing and taking part in archery to name but a few of the activities. There was also a pirate disco. Mrs Anderson said the children were a credit to the school and they all enjoyed making new friends. We are hoping to repeat a similar venture next year.

Shelter Painting
I am pleased to inform you that, an artist called Ann has agreed to re-paint our school shelter, we are hoping to complete this before the summer break and are asking for some help to scrub the shelter before the painting begins. I wondered if any of you would be available to help on Friday afternoon June 10th ? Perhaps you could indicate on the tear off slip at the end of this letter. The more the merrier! We are hoping that lots of children will be involved in this work.

Reading Buddies
In P5-7, we have started a new Reading Buddies activity whereby some of our older children have trained to help some of our younger children have extra practise in their reading. Whilst this is a relatively new venture the reports so far are very positive with the children enjoying the extra support from their older peers.

Times Table Rewards
The Pupil Council met with Mrs McCaskie recently to discuss a new incentive for learning our times tables. It was agreed that we would have a three-tier mission with different expectations of the children at each of the levels, Gold, Silver and Bronze. This scheme is initially aimed at the children from P3-7 and all children should have brought information home in their school bags. It was felt that the Gold, Silver and Bronze theme would tie in with the Olympics. We are very grateful to the Parent Council who agreed to fund the prizes for this scheme and we are looking forward to presenting certificates and prizes in assemblies between now and the end of term. Please encourage your children to take part in the scheme, as it will help their maths skills immensely to know their tables by heart. Thank you in anticipation for your support.

Gardening Scotland
Once again we are having three entries to Gardening Scotland, one from each class. The children have been very busy building gardens along the themes of ‘Let’s go on a Bear Hunt’, ‘Growth Mind-set’ and ‘Biodiversity’. Our huge thanks go to Lee Young, Jill Jeans and Sarah Bronsdon for the time they have given to supporting this project – we are very excited about the competition. We are going to choose three pupils from each class to go and help with setting up their gardens at the show ground but we hope many of you will be able to visit the show which runs from 3rd to 5th June. The children are going to be selected by pulling names out of a hat – unfortunately it isn’t safe to take the whole school to the grounds for the setting up day so we feel this is the fairest way to select the helpers.

Nursery News
Recently in nursery the children have been having a very active time. We had a visit from a dance teacher who taught the children to waltz and very good they were too! The children have been undertaking forest school activities in Strawberry Woods on a regular Thursday morning where the children have been looking at habitats. Marion Barclay, our PE development Officer has taken the children for three sessions, helping the children with their preparations for sports day. At our joint sports day with the children from Humbie we will demonstrate the different skills we have been learning and practising to help us become confident individuals. Alongside this our pre-schoolers have been enjoying their transition to P1 with Mrs Daly. The buddies from P5-7 have been helping the children settle well into the school playground and make new friends before taking them into the P1 classroom for milk and a story.

Storytelling day
Finally I have exciting news of a storytelling day that has been arranged by Mrs Nicol. On Monday 6th June all the children in nursery and school are going to be visited by Tim Porteous to help develop their story writing skills. Tim is going to assist the children to construct a storyboard to help them develop their oral story telling. There will be one lucky winner selected from each of the classes, for pupils in P1-7, who will have their story performed by Tim at the Edinburgh Storytelling Centre. In addition to the work that Tim will be carrying out with the children he is also offering an evening event for families at 6pm on Thursday 16th June in Fletcher Hall. Mrs Nicol is really keen to invite grandparents as well as parents to this event so in order to assist us with our planning please would you complete the slip at the end of this letter to let us know how many tickets you would like for the evening. There is no charge, we just need an accurate indication of numbers of adults attending. In order to make sure all families have an opportunity to attend we will initially set a maximum of four tickets per family. (You don’t need tickets for the children).

Dates to the end of term
24th – 27th P1 transition programme continues with playtime followed by milk & story in P1 classroom
25th Meadowmill Athletics for P5-7 children (letter went home 18th May)
P3/4 Football Festival (letter went home 18th May)
‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ Dance Session for nursery
26th P3-4 Swimming; nursery visiting Strawberry Wood
27th Storytelling with Music for P1/2
30th May -3rd June P1 transition continues with playtime followed by milk, fruit & story in P1 classroom – children remaining with P1 until 11.30
31st Choir resumes 3.15 – 4pm P3-7

2nd P3-4 Swimming; Visit to Gardening Scotland (details to follow); Nursery to Strawberry Wood
6th Storyteller visiting Nursery & P1 to P7
6th -17th P1 transition continues with nursery spending an hour in class with P1-2
9th P3-4 Swimming; Nursery to Strawberry Wood
14th Tri-Sports with Humbie & Elphinstone at Meadowmill – details to follow
15th Nursery outing to East Links Farm Park; P1/2 visit to Seabird Centre
15th – 17th Children in school move to spend morning with new class teacher
16th P3-4 Swimming
20th to 24th P1 transition continues with playtime followed by milk, fruit & story in P1
21st Nursery Sports – Humbie & Saltoun combined
P3/4 Visit to National Museum of Scotland (letter sent home 18th May)
23rd Nursery spend full morning in P1.
24th Reports to be sent home
27th June to 1st July P1 transition continues with playtime followed by milk, fruit & story in P1 classroom.
28th John Muir Award Day for Whole School, more details to follow.
30th Leavers assembly – details to follow

P7 Transition Days
25th May, 1st June Ross High School, Enhanced Transition
27th May Pencaitland Primary, Additional Enhanced Transition
3rd, 10th & 17th June Pencaitland Primary, Additional Enhanced Transition
6th & 7th June P7 Induction Days at Ross High School
7th June Information evening at Ross High School for parents of P7 pupils, 7.00-9.00pm

Friday 1st Last day – normal school hours

Wednesday 17th PUPILS RESUME AT 08.45 AM

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Shelter Painting 10th June 2016

I would like to help clean up the shelter on Friday afternoon, 10th June

Signed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Family Storytelling Evening with Tim Porteous 16th June 2016, Fletcher Hall

I would like . . . . . adult tickets (maximum of 4 per family in first instance).

I will be bringing . . . . children (please indicate how many children you will be bringing.

Signed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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