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wagon way project photos

The Wagon Way Project Trip

P5/6/7 went to the wagon way project at Cockenzie house HQ. We all helped to clean some objects some were pottery and some were stone and some glass, we used tooth brushes to clean them . We saw them making salt which is called salt panning .We learnt more about the Jacobites than we already […]

The Wagon Way Project Trip

P5/6/7 went to the Wagon project in Cockenzie house  to learn all about the  Jacobites and how they made salt.   It  was  fun because  we did  a big dig near the Firth of  Forth  harbour.  Then we went to the  HQ  and we did some cleaning of the artefacts  and  then we went to  the outside of the  HQ  and Master Stevenson  showed us pictures of […]

The Big Dig

On Wednesday P5/6/7 went to the big dig at Cockenzie house to learn about the wagon way and more about the Battle of Prestonpans. First we went to the battle of Prestonpans viewpoint at Meadowmill and did a (TINY(only in the info board area(two second))) re-enactment of the battle and then we went back on […]