Wonder By R.J Palacio Review

When I heard this book I felt like I was actually in the story and in the family.
If you read Wonder you will want to read the second book called Auggie & Me and you will want to see the movie of Wonder. I really would like to get the Auggie & Me book and get the Wonder movie.

This book is about a young boy called August Pullman but his dad calls him Auggie and he is going to start 5th grade at Beech, a prep school but it is his first ever time going to school. He has a lot of fun and makes new friends and gets into trouble. He has a cleft pallet, basically a hole in the roof of his mouth, his ears are too far down, he has a bunch of scars on his face. He has had 27 surgeries. He gets bullied and hurt quite a lot.
And with his sister’s help he can finally get through 5th Grade.

I found this book very happy but also a bit sad. It was very nice to hear about his life and that he overcame his fear of going to school and getting bullied if he went to school.
By Lucy P6