Saltoun Christmas special

On Thursday 14th December 2017 Saltoun Primary School had a Christmas concert night and if you weren’t there to see it I am about to tell you all about it.

First there was the wonderful primary 1/2 Nativity about an extremely grumpy camel named Humphry but his friends and family called him humph because he was so grumpy that all he ever  said was  HUMPH! The nativity was narrated by Willow,Pippa and Sophie and I cannot forget the wonderful camels Humph (Jessica) camel number 1 (Thomas) and camel number 2 (Sophie I)

Second we had the primary 4/5 violinists Poppy,Brodie,Livi and Melodie. They played Snowflakes and Silent Night. It was truly amazing! I know that I could never play the violin far less play those 2 very complicated songs.

Next we had the p6/7 violinists who played Good King Wenceslas  and Little Donkey, it was outstanding.

Then we had the primary 3 and 4s who sung Silent Night which BSL  which stands for British Sign Language and also with  BSL they sung When Santa got stuck up the Chimney.

Second last I took part in the primary 5/6/7 Christmas choir who sung Rocking around the Christmas Tree whith BSL and our last song was Feliz Navidad with some percussion instruments. I was kind of nervous but I tried my hardest not to show it and it certainly paid off.

Last we had the raffle draw, there were lots of prizes to be won, so well done to some of our luck winners! This year we did not win a prize.


By Holly McAllister


Saltoun Christmas Show

On the 14th December 2017 primary 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 presented  a Christmas show.

First Flynn came on stage to introduce the show.  Then the primary 1 and 2 started their show and it was humorous and emotional. When the primary 1 and 2s were done the 3 and 4s went on stage to sing Silent Night and Snowflakes. They were amazing! They did BSL. It was so good!

Then I had to welcome primary 4 and 5 violinists. I was very nervous, so were the other p 7s, but after I had done it, I felt really relieved and pleased with myself. They were good for their first show, well done violinists!

Eventually the primary 5,6 and 7s did their two songs, which were Feliz Navidad and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. All the parents were clapping along, we all had so much fun.

By Lewis Myles, Primary 7

Stem Challenge

On Friday 8th December we had to make something that moved without us touching it.  We worked in groups of three to four people. The resources we used were cardboard and plastic tubes,  pipe cleaners, polystyrene balls, googly eyes, sticky tape, glue and syringes.

We worked together to see which things would work and which wouldn’t.

The main part of the challenge was to use a syringe to push air in a tube up to a ball or a cup.

When we pushed the syringe with our hands the pressure moved the air through the tube and lifted up the ball or cup.

by Katie Inglis, Primary 6



Outdoor Reading

On Monday the 27of November 2017  the whole school did outdoor reading.  It was cold but it was fun and the teachers did it as well but the nursery  did not do it.  It was meant for 1 hour but it was just 35 minutes. Me and my friend were sitting on the steps  then I went to the shelter and I read with Zoe and Sophie. Zoe’s book was called Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs and Sophie’s was called Spotty Dog. Then we had to go back to class. Then p5/6/7 went to lunch.

I did enjoy it.

by May p6

Reading this week

Book week Scotland

Monday to Thursday
This week is Book Week Scotland, it has been a very exciting week this week in Primary 5/6/7.
The first day Monday was outdoor reading. It was very cold and some people commented that it would have been more fun if it was warmer but it isn’t our fault book week Scotland is in November.
Tuesday was supposed to be a book swap but some classes did it through the whole week like P5/6/7. We also had a visit from Mr Bird about his books, he showed us some of his adult books  and read us a children’s book called The Little Grey Cloud .
Wednesday, we had another book swap and had Annemarie Allan in to talk about her newest children’s book, Charlie’s Promise, a historical fiction book based on World War Two.
Thursday was around the world with the teachers , it’s where they told us about their favourite and least favourite books. ( None of them showed us their least favourite books).
 It was a very interesting week.

by Sarah Gentle, P6


Around the World

On Thursday 30th November 2017 we did “Around the World.” What we did first was Mrs Nicol spoke to us about her favourite book and least favourite book. While Mrs Nicol was downstairs talking to the p3 and 4 children, Miss Tuke was talking to us about her favourite books which are Wolf Brother and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Then Mrs Daly came to talk to us about her gardening book which we all found different because we thought that she was going to talk to us about a novel not a gardening book. I have to admit it was really, really interesting.

I think that Book Week was a success because we managed to read so many books and discuss them.

by Holly McAllister P6





Book Week Dress Up Day!

On the 1st of December 2017 Saltoun Primary School did a dress up day.

We had Harry Potter, Radio Boy, Summer from Wonder and many, many more.

We also had a certain Gangsta Granny who seemed to be giving cabbage to the children of Saltoun Primary, she also seemed to have an American accent…

There was also a rabbit with an oversized clock hanging around its neck, it kept saying that it was late but I don’t know how you could be, if you have a clock like that around your neck.

And finally we had an extremely grumpy old granny who was bossing around the children asking for her medicine.

So the conclusion is that I think everyone had a good time (maybe except from the grumpy old granny).

By Flynn Bronsdon P7