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Chinese New Year

On Thursday the 18th of January 2018 it was Chinese New Year. We had 2 activities – we were split up into 2 groups – primary 1/2/3/4 and primary 5/6/7. At first the primary 5/6/7 group went downstairs to Mrs Daly’s classroom. We got to learn how to count to ten in Mandarin Chinese . This is a list of […]

Exciting Electricity

This Monday Saltoun P5/6/7 started a new topic, electricity. We started off with some videos about what electricity is and then came my favourite bit – the circuits! We got to use small electrical wires to connect small bulbs, switches and batteries to make little electrical circuits. I found out that if you plug a wire in […]

Assembly on the Stretch Zone

On Tuesday we had  an assembly about the Stretch Zone. Mrs Pearce explained that you don’t want to be too comfortable or too stressed, you just want to be in the middle and that’s called the Stretch Zone. When you are in the panic zone you might feel tired and stressed so you won’t do your […]