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New Modifications To Our Tables!

A few weeks ago we made tables but since then we have made some modifications to them like making them stronger & adding some more support poles & adding more tape. If you did not read our other about this post then we basically were given a challenge by our teacher to build a table that was sturdy enough to hold 1 or […]


P5,6,7 are having a  short topic about the winter Olympics.  We have been doing puzzles with co-ordinates. And every day we are watching videos like epic fails and gold medallists. And speed skating fails. I did not really know anything about the winter Olympics until now. I now know that speed skating is amazing the skaters must really want to do […]

The Winter Olympics

This week we are doing a short topic on the Winter Olympics in P5/6/7.  We have been watching videos of the Olympics in South Korea. I would like to play hockey in the summer olympics and I am going to learn when I go to Ross High School.  Olympic athletes need years of training to […]