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STEM Experience At Edinburgh College!

Yesterday the P7s went to Edinburgh college for a STEM experience. If you don’t know already STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths which are all the things we did at the college. My favourite thing that we did was building model rocket cars that actually WORKED! Every P7 from every school got put into teams and Lewis, Eden and me were on a team with two other people(our team was called Scooby).

Our teams rocket car went 72 mph but the fastest team’s car went 80 MPH. The cars were made out of a foam block that we drew on to get the shape that we wanted the car to be and then we took it to a wire cutter and one of the adults cut it. I learned that when plastic burns it smells horrible.

Once we had finished, the adults put rockets inside them and then used a 12 volt battery to set them off so they went flying down the wire they were attached to (so they don’t turn) and made a cloud of smoke that smelled like rotten egg. I learned that when sulphur is burned it smells like rotten egg, it smells like egg because eggs also have sulphur in them.

By Flynn Bronsdon

One Response to “STEM Experience At Edinburgh College!”

  1. It sounds like a very exciting trip, Flynn. I wonder if you learned anything during your visit that you might want to teach the rest of your class?