About our school

Saltoun Primary School
East Saltoun
East Lothian
EH34 5DY
Tel: O1875 340 318

email: admin@saltoun.elcschool.org.uk

The original school building is over a century old. In 1987-88 the building was renovated and extended by incorporating the former schoolhouse. Due to the rising roll the Education and Community Services Committee agreed in 1998 that an extension to the school would be built and some general refurbishment undertaken. Accommodation now consists of 3 good-sized classrooms, a nursery room with its own separate entrance and outdoor play area, an open-plan library area and a dining-room/general purpose area.

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  1. Hello to all students and Teachers at East Saltoun!! I’m sorry I haven’t been on your website because I have had loads of homework ( four bits a week!!

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