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Education Local Improvement Plan 2018/19

Summary Plan Contents


Page 3: A message from Councillor Shamin Akhtar: Convener, Education Committee


Page 4: Introduction


Page 5: About East Lothian


Page 6: Section 1: Education Resources and Organisation


Page 9: Section 2: Meeting Strategic Plan Commitments


Page 14: Section 3: Other Priorities


A Message from Councillor Shamin Akhtar


I welcome the revised Education Service Local Improvement Plan for 2018/19. This Plan outlines how we aspire to be an Education Service that provides the best opportunities and outcomes for our children and young people across the County, as a result making us the best Education Service in Scotland. The Plan provides clear direction on how we will do this. We aim to achieve these goals through the actions outlined for the Education Service, our schools and our partner organisations.

As we see more and more expectations placed upon our schools than ever before to address the poverty related attainment gap, we have to ensure that our partner organisations across the county support the Education Service and our schools to achieve this goal.

The most important role of this document will be to provide our schools and early learning & childcare centres with a framework to support their work. Therefore, we all have a shared understanding of the actions that we have to take to ensure that we meet the outcomes for our children and young people and the way that we will measure success. As outlined in the Standards and Quality Report 2017-18 through the self-evaluation activities we know we have many strengths in our schools across the County that we can share and we also know where improvement is required.

The Education Service Local Improvement Plan will help us to deliver on the collective commitment that we have made to “believe, achieve, strive for excellence and care for all” through the actions that we take in our schools and services. I hope that you will find it helpful within your setting.


Councillor Shamin Akhtar

Convener, Education Committee







The Council agreed its new strategic plan in June 2017 setting out its priorities and commitments over the next 5 years. This Education Service Local Improvement Plan 2018/19 reports on the priorities for education during this school year and how we plan to do it. This is a summary of the full plan which is available via on the council website.

It includes things like how we make sure we are delivering our service but still providing value for money and how we react to reviewing our service and inspections from outside the council.

Information about the service we provide and our performance is provided the following documents:

  • Education Service Standards and Quality Report 2017-2018
  • East Lothian Partnership Children and Young People Services Plan 2017 to 2020
  • Inspection Reports (Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate)

The Education Service Local Improvement Plan is informed by and links to the Outcomes in East Lothian Council’s Plan 2017-2022, the Integrated Children and Young People’s Service Plan, The East Lothian Poverty Commission Report and the 2017-2022 Equalities Plan. The key themes and objectives set out in the 2012-2017 Council Plan continue as the key themes and objectives of the new Council Plan 2017-2022 ‘Growing our Economy; Growing our People; Growing our Communities; Growing our Capacity’


About East Lothian

East Lothian’s population is projected to grow by about 1% a year over the next 19 years from just over 100 000 to over 125 000 by 2037. There will be more people of all age groups but particularly children with the 0-16 year old group increasing by almost a third.



In 2017/18 there were:

    • 8,540 pupils in East Lothian Council’s 35 primary schools;
    • 5,679 pupils in six secondary schools;
  • 2,548 children accessing 600 hours of early learning and childcare .


1 Education Resources & Organisation

Our purpose:             Believe, achieve, strive for excellence and care for all.

How:                          We care for all and believe in ourselves and others

             We achieve and strive for excellence

We aim to provide the best education service in Scotland through a relentless focus on Inclusion, Achievement, Ambition and Progress for All. We will all work together to Get it Right for Every Child and to ensure that all children and young people are Safe, Healthy, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included. We believe that our purpose will be realised through the actions set out in this Local Improvement Plan and reinforced by the actions taken across our schools and services to improve the quality of experience we provide for children, young people and their families.

We will:

  • Act to open minds to the rights and values of education and help everyone to achieve their potential
  • Work together to nurture all our children and young people


  • Be seen as a community working together to make that difference for every child
  • Collectively strive for excellence and equity for all

Our theme for session 2018-2019, ‘Driving Improvement – Inwards, Outwards, Forwards’ will help us collectively deliver on our purpose and vision for education.

Our aim for education within East Lothian Council aligns with Scottish Government Key Priorities:


  • Improvement in attainment, particularly in literacy and numeracy
  • Closing the attainment gap between the most and least disadvantaged children
  • Improvement in children and young people’s health and wellbeing
  • Improvement in employability skills and sustained, positive school leaver destinations for all young people






We will use our resources to deliver our commitment:

Early Learning and Childcare

Delivers the statutory duty to provide early learning and childcare to eligible 2 year olds and children from the term after their third birthday. Currently East Lothian provides 33 early learning and childcare centres within primary schools and 18 partner providers and childminder options; wraparound care in Dunbar and Tranent areas; 16 playgroups; Tots & Teens.


School Years

Delivers the statutory duty to provide primary and secondary education through provision in 35 primary schools and 6 secondary schools.


Additional Support Needs

Delivers the statutory duty to ensure additional support needs are met through inclusive practices and support in all schools;      specialist provision in 5 mainstream primary schools and 3 mainstream secondary schools and specialist professionals.


Quality Improvement Team

Fulfils the statutory duty to support and challenge of schools to improve the quality of education by quality assurances and self-evaluation; support the development of the curriculum and learning, teaching and assessment; development of local policy relating to education.


Educational Psychology Service (EPS)

Delivers a service making use of sound research evidence to support teaching and the overall wellbeing for children and young people.


Education Business Support Team

Delivers a broad service, including those required to fulfil duties set out in statute including strategic resource planning; professional learning; support for newly qualified teachers, student and supply teachers; recruitment; use of assistive technologies; financial stewardship; specialist music provision; data analysis and performance; pupil placement and admissions; school estate planning; staffing allocations.


East Lothian Works

East Lothian Works, East Lothian’s employability hub, brings together all employability-related services under the East Lothian One Council Approach. East Lothian Works is the central point of contact for employment advice, training and skills development, working in partnership with a number of external partners including Queen Margaret University, Napier University, The Edinburgh College, Skills Development Scotland and Job Centre Plus.




2 Meeting Strategic Plan Commitments

The main objective of the Council Plan is ‘reducing inequalities in our communities’. The Plan sets out strategic goals which link directly to the Education Service Improvement Plan and will make the biggest impact in achieving the Council’s main objective:

  • Reduce unemployment and improve the employability of East Lothian’s workforce.
  • Reduce the attainment gap and raise the attainment and achievement of our children and young people.
  • Improve the life chances of the most vulnerable people in our society.“An even more prosperous, safe and sustainable East Lothian, with a dynamic and thriving economy, that enables our people and communities to flourish.” East Lothian Council Plan 2017-2022


Strategic Council Plan Main Objective – Reducing inequalities in our communities
Strategic Council Plan Goal: Improve the life chances of the most vulnerable people in our society  
East Lothian Poverty Action Plan 2017-2019 – Educated
East Lothian Council Corporate Parenting Plan 2017 to 2020 – Education and Training
Council Plan Priority Actions  
Develop a whole school approach to raising awareness of the impact of poverty and develop clear policies to reduce inequality in schools



Review and consider options to address the cost of the school day and holiday hunger within the Child Poverty Action Group and Hunger Poverty Action Group


Share good practice in removing barriers to learning through the provision of support both within and out-with the school academic session


Promote uptake of free school meals


Promote the use of digital technology to develop digital skills

Supporting and developing breakfast, after-school and summer lunch clubs in schools. With partners consider options for developing activities out-with the school academic term  
Develop a range of options for childcare for working parents and carers Implementation of 1140 Plan in collaboration with key partners to deliver expansion programme and provide the support resources required  
Supporting wellbeing to improve attainment and progress of care experienced young people Deliver a training programme for teachers and staff in all East Lothian schools about how best to support care experienced young people and the importance of relationship based practice


Develop and deliver awareness raising sessions for pupils in East Lothian about care


Promote achievement of a positive destination for all looked after children and young people on leaving school

Supporting wellbeing to improve attainment and progress of care experienced young people Continue to work with our FE and HE partners to ensure that the specific needs of our looked after young people are identified and supported  

Care experienced young people remain a priority for receiving services from East Lothian Works, whilst at school and after leaving school






Strategic Council Plan Goal – Reduce unemployment and improve the employability of East Lothian’s Workforce  
Theme: Growing our Economy                                           East Lothian Local Plan Theme: Prosperous  
Council Plan Priority Actions  
Continue to work with partners and local employers to implement East Lothian’s Young Workforce Strategy and Action Plan; maximising opportunities for young people through support for craft and modern apprenticeships, and school work experience within the Council and in local businesses; and, through the continued use of Community Benefit clauses in Council contracts. Improve the participation of 16-19 year olds in education, training or work through new skills pathways


Increase employment and further learning for Looked After Children


Liaise with City Deal Skills Development Project to increase progression pathways for young people

Strategic Council Plan Goal – Reduce the attainment gap and raise the attainment and achievement of our children and young people
Theme: Growing our people
Council Plan Priority Actions
Continue to prioritise improving educational attainment and achievement and reducing the attainment gap at all stages Continue to prioritise improving educational attainment and achievement and reducing the attainment gap at all stages
Ensuring secondary school curriculum meets the needs of young people


Consult on common school day to harmonise with partner delivery and enhance senior phase offer


Review of secondary school curriculum design

Recognising the importance of supporting early intervention in improving pre-school children’s readiness to learn, for example, through using the Council’s library service to provide focused support in reading skills in pre-school children and more vulnerable children. Develop an early intervention strategy for literacy







Work with the Scottish Government to enable provision of 1140 hours of early learning and childcare for all 3 and 4 year old children, by continuing to support the provision of suitable childcare and early years facilities and initiatives such as Support from the Start, and the implementation of the new Play Strategy, within the context of the Council’s Early Learning and Childcare Strategy. Implementation of 1140 Plan in collaboration with key partners to deliver expansion programme and provide the support resources required


Review the family support offer across the county


Develop and implement Play Strategy


Meet positive destinations targets and continue to develop the positive partnerships with Edinburgh College and Queen Margaret University and the business sector to further develop the senior phase and provide vocational opportunities through creating a common school day/timetable and the development of vocational pathways and a ‘digital school’ to be based within the new secondary school


Continue to build employer and school connections and opportunities


Increase the opportunities for vocational training

Develop the links between Youth employability programmes and schools to ensure a seamless service


Develop a Digital Skills Strategy in partnership with City Deal Digital Data Innovation Project


Work with other local authorities to develop common approaches to improve practice and share educational resources and facilities where possible Continue to develop and implement the South East Improvement Collaborative Plan
Build a new secondary school in Wallyford and new primary schools in Letham Mains, Wallyford and Craighall and extensions or upgrades at local secondary and primary schools as required. School Estate Strategy Board established and review of school estate to be undertaken to ensure school buildings are fit to deliver excellence and equity in education
Take action to tackle obesity in children through a multi-agency and multi-faceted approach, including improved diet and nutrition in early years, exercise and physical activity. QMU research project P1 Obesity


Child Poverty Action Group Plan

Prioritise actions to reduce mental ill-health in our community, particularly amongst young people. Children and Young People Strategic Partnership Plan – Theme 4 Mental Health
Promote opportunities for Healthy Living throughout East Lothian by implementing the Physical Activity Strategy and maximising use of East Lothian’s natural health service – the outdoors. Continue to deliver integrated PEPASS to promote out of school hours activity
Council Plan Strategic Goal – Improving the life chances of the most vulnerable people in our society
Theme: Growing our Communities
Council Plan Priority Actions
Continue to support the development of the Area Partnerships with devolved funding to implement priorities identified in their Area Plans.



Implement the new Guidance Area Partnerships Raising Attainment Fund




3 Other priorities

In addition to playing our part in helping to deliver Council Plan commitments, the Education Service has identified a further five priority areas:


Attainment and Achievement

  • Develop a self-improving system and monitor its effectiveness in driving forward improvement and raising attainment
  • Improve learning, teaching and assessment
  • Close the poverty related attainment gap in the broad general education

Ensuring Wellbeing, Equality and Inclusion (GIRFEC)

  • Better target resources in order to achieve a greater impact on children and families
  • Improve integrated service delivery to meet the needs of children and families better
  • Support the physical, social and mental wellbeing of all children and young people, particularly those most at risk


  • Strengthen transitions and pathways to employability and other positive destinations for young people
  • Offer a range of vocational and academic opportunities and experiences that meet the needs of all learners
  • Increase attainment of key qualification sets within the senior phase


  • Improve the quality and impact of leadership at all levels
  • Further develop a collaborative culture throughout our learning communities

Finance and Resources

  • Consider how best to maintain and increase the service workforce to continue to raise attainment and achievement
  • Develop and maintain a school estate strategy

P4-7 Sky Academy Trip

On Tuesday 1st of October P4-7 went on a trip to Sky Academy Studios, we watched an introduction for what we would be doing .We were set the task of making a short trailer for a film where someone had lost their wallet, we were put into three teams/groups. In my team there was: me ,Poppy, Katie ,Reece ,Dair and Angus.

Katie was the actress, Poppy was the producer, Reece was the director, Dair was the editor, Angus was the special effects and I was the cinematographer .

After that we got to watch them all in a special cinema room. They were all really good . When we had done all that, the teacher was handed some USB wrist bands. We got to keep the lanyards as well, we had our lunch then went home.


Livi p6



6/7 Rugby training

For the last few weeks primary 6 and 7 have been having Michael from Ross High to do rugby with us. The first week we were getting taught how to use the tags and belts  so we put on the Velcro belts  and we put the Velcro tags on and we had a game of sharks and fishes. The rules are the fish is running with the ball and the shark is trying to get the tags. Then we were tackling the tackle bags.


This week we were doing a passing game and we had to be in a space and the first team to get five passes got a point and then we did a Velcro game again.



I think this is great fun because I like playing it with my friends.

Lloyd P6

update on show

This week we have been practising our lines and our songs, they are coming on very well. On Mondays  P3/4 go first to music and then art, P5/6/7 go to art first and then we go to music. We at least do 1 practice per day and we get advice from the adults about our singing and lines .I am doing fire man 2 and Andy from scene 3. I am enjoying my parts because I didn’t want too big a part because I would have a lot to remember but I didn’t want too little a part because I would have  a too easy  part. I think other people in my class have a good part just like me they are good at learning their  parts they have just the same advantage as me so I hope they do well.

I hope a lot of people come to the show.

by Kyle p5

Visit from Linzie Nicol

On Monday 28th of may  we had a visit from Linzie Nicol . She is Mrs Nicol’s sister-in-law and Mr Nicol’s sister.

She came because her face looks slightly different and she is part of the Changing Faces charity and came in to do a talk to our class about how other people look different even though they are the same and they can do the same things.

I learned that faces are just another part on your body it does not matter what they look like they are just the same.

by Kyle



Changing faces!!!!

On Monday this week P5/6/7 had a visit from Linzie Nicol, Mrs Nicol’s sister in law. When she was born she had a cleft palate  and had a hole in her face and also had some missing fingers and toes,but now you would never know that she had, had a hole in her face when she was younger.

She came to educate us about people who  look different  from us and tell us how she got through schooling.

We learned that:

1. People make mean comments about people just because they look slightly different.


2. Linzie Nicol was part of a charity called Changing Faces (we got fake tattoos of the logo of Changing Faces).

BY Brodie.W.   P5

forest schools

For the past three weeks on Tuesday  p5/6/7 we  have been going to strawberry woods and we have been doing den building and toasting  marshmallows, chocolate bananas and carving sticks. It was amazing. My favourite was toasting.


For a few weeks p5/6/7 have been practising songs and making backgrounds for the end of term show. It is called “The Next big Step” and today we got our parts in the play.  I think that we are all really happy with the parts  that we got, I know that I am. If you wanted to go to see the  play we will be performing it on Tuesday 26th , June.


We all hope that all  parents are looking forward to seeing the play.

by Livi Bronsdon


On the 25th of May we went to the Meadowmill athletics competition.  I was in a relay , 600 metre sprint and long jump. Everyone got a at least 1 part in the  the competition. There were 7 events. There were lots of different schools and lots of people and at the end they gave the scores for each of the school categories. There were small small schools  and big small schools. We came 3rd in the small small schools category.

by Melodie Minel.

ORIENTEERING with Mrs daly

On Wednesday the 9th of May p5/6/7 and p3/4 did orienteering with Mrs Daly and Mrs Hunter. It was really fun !!

We did maths orienteering and colouring orienteering where you had to  run up to a flag and colour in numbers on a sheet and run back to the other person. At the end we did a run and there was a map that we had to read so we knew where the flag was and could fill out a sheet.

We learned how to do orienteering!

Kyle , P5