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ORIENTEERING with Mrs daly

On Wednesday the 9th of May p5/6/7 and p3/4 did orienteering with Mrs Daly and Mrs Hunter. It was really fun !!

We did maths orienteering and colouring orienteering where you had to  run up to a flag and colour in numbers on a sheet and run back to the other person. At the end we did a run and there was a map that we had to read so we knew where the flag was and could fill out a sheet.

We learned how to do orienteering!

Kyle , P5


Today p5 were in the p1/2 classroom because we were helping them with a challenge. The challenge was to make a farm from a birds eye view in groups with a p5. In each group they had to have help from us p5s to plan the picture out.  They did it on white boards and then cut out the pieces of paper to lay on the big white background piece of paper to then stick on the big one. The nursery was with them as well and they all did really well , they were helping each other write , draw , cut and stick . My group called our farm the super farm. Pippa chose the name after a lot of debate. After we had finished we went out for break. When we were back in from break they watched Number Jacks the little kids T.V program. We had some red , yellow and green pepper for while we were watching.

By Livi Bronsdon

Letter from Joanne Schwartz, the famous author

P5/6/7 have been reading Town is by the Sea by Joanne Schwartz and Sidney Smith. We started to tweet Sidney Smith about found poetry, using the words and phrases from a book to create our own poems, which we were trying with Town is by the Sea. He showed Joanne Schwartz and she kindly sent us an letter. Here is a photo of me with the letter.

by  Lloyd, Primary 5



Equivalent fractions

Yesterday P5/6/7 where doing equivalent fractions, as our maths lesson we learned that…

…Equivalent fractions are where the fractions though different mean the same thing for example 1/2=2/4=4/8 and so on. We looked at a fraction wall(Like the one below). To see how the fractions tie into each other to be equal sizes.

Do you see the partial line straight down the middle of the fraction wall. That is what I mean by link together to make equal sizes of fraction.


STEM at the college (rockets)

On Thursday 22nd of March all the P7s went to Edinburgh College for a STEM transition.

At the start we were all split up into different teams at the start I was in a team with Brenan, Cameron and a pupil from Sanderson’s Wynd. The first thing we did was making rocket cars we made them out of large foam rectangles that we drew the shape that we wanted the car to be then we went to the hot wire cutter and got the man there to cut it out. The way hot wire cutters work is the wire gets really hot and it melts through the foam and shapes it.

After we had it cut we coloured it in and then added the wheels and the bit that keeps it on the track.

After that the people who helped us took them to the track and then added the rockets. Once all the rockets were added they were put on the track then raced all the cars went over 70mph and my groups can went 74mph.

by Connor

STEM Experience At Edinburgh College!

Yesterday the P7s went to Edinburgh college for a STEM experience. If you don’t know already STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths which are all the things we did at the college. My favourite thing that we did was building model rocket cars that actually WORKED! Every P7 from every school got put into teams and Lewis, Eden and me were on a team with two other people(our team was called Scooby).

Our teams rocket car went 72 mph but the fastest team’s car went 80 MPH. The cars were made out of a foam block that we drew on to get the shape that we wanted the car to be and then we took it to a wire cutter and one of the adults cut it. I learned that when plastic burns it smells horrible.

Once we had finished, the adults put rockets inside them and then used a 12 volt battery to set them off so they went flying down the wire they were attached to (so they don’t turn) and made a cloud of smoke that smelled like rotten egg. I learned that when sulphur is burned it smells like rotten egg, it smells like egg because eggs also have sulphur in them.

By Flynn Bronsdon

p7 trip to stem

On Thursday p7 went to the stem challenge in Edinburgh College to do some transition for going to Ross High. When we got there we got into teams with other p7s from Elphinstone and St Martins. I was in team Shaggy with Cameron and Connor and a girl called Abby. We made rocket cars first out of foam. We cut the foam into a shape and put in some wheels and a jet engine. Our car went at 78 mph –  we called our team the rocket riders

My favourite part was the rocket cars and I like going to places to meet other people for transition to go to Ross.

Brennan Pender, P7


P7 trip to Edinburgh College / STEM

On Thursday p7s had to be at school for 8:10am! When we got on the bus we scored back seats. When we were at the college we got told our teams,  Flynn and I were in Scooby. Next we went to a work shop and made our own cars out of foam.  After that we took our cars out to race and they put mini jet engines in them. Flynn and my  car went 72mph, the record was 87mph which is quite fast. I learned that a mini car can go that fast.

When we had break we went to our tables which had our names on them. Mrs Nicol was at our table, some people were very talkative in a good way –  just getting to know people.

My favourite part was all the p7s were together and I think we should do more trips together.

By Lewis Myles , P7

Transition Visit to Ross High

On Wednesday Lewis and I went to Ross High to meet other children going to Ross after the summer.  We were in a group with children from Elphinstone Primary.  There were 7 groups, we were in group 1 in the morning and group 7 after lunch.  We did basketball, curling, art, food, Young Scot, meditation, exercise and sports games. I enjoyed trying the paninis from the kitchen at Ross High and am looking forward to going to Ross after the summer holidays.

Brennan Pender, P7