WW2 Tea Dance

Last week the pupils of P6/7 had a great time entertaining our parents with songs from Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again and White Cliffs of Dover – and dancing the Jitterbug!  Pupils came in costume from the era and staff got dressed up too.  They snacked on chocolate cake made with rationed ingredients….yum yum!

Happy Holidays!

Primary 5/6/7 would like to wish you a happy February holiday.  After the break our class will be one member less as Dylan is leaving us today to go to a new school, nearer his house.  Good luck Dylan! We will miss you.  Keep in touch! For everyone else, we will see you back on Monday 23rd.

Spy Dog


Spy Dog


P3/4 have been studing Spy Dog and we have been writing stories.
Spy Dog is very good and I rate it 10/10 🙂 I recommend this book for any child age 5 upwards.
Cameron P4


Saltoun Ceilidh

On Wednesday 28 of January p1/7 had a ceilidh . We did singing, dancing, violin and poetry. I did Mince and Tatties as a poem. We sang Dark Island. Parents including Lee Young prepared the Scottish food.
Connor p4

P6/7 Trip to National Library

On Monday P6/7 went to The National Library of Scotland with Mrs Ritchie. We did three activities. The first activity was Storytelling, we listened to Tam O’ Shanter and Bonnie Prince Charlie. The second activity was a tour of the library. You enter the library on the 11th floor, there are 15 floors in total and we went down as far as the fifth floor. There are over 17 million books in the library, no two the same! The third activity was a quiz on Scottish history.
There is an anonymous woman who makes sculptures out of Scottish books, she leaves them in some of her favourite places, libraries and museums.
We enjoyed the tour and learning all the facts.

Primary 7

P3/4 news

Maggie’s Poem

Here is a Poem I wrote:    
We’re all different and we’re all the same so really there isn’t anybody to blame. Because that’s who we are and that’s who we’ll be you’ll be you and I’ll be me. We’re all different and we’re all the same so really there isn’t anybody to blame!  
Maggie Jeans, Primary 4

P3/4 News

This week we did some eggsperiments! We each made our own egg armour. Then we dropped our eggs from 1m high & only 2 eggs survived the fall. Both the eggs that survived the fall had got 3 layers of armour. We found out that the best armour was foam.

Findlay Stewart, Primary 4

Eden’s Christmas Fundraiser

I raised £610 for nebulisers by selling Christmas wreaths. They were sold for £10 each. My mum made the wreaths with holly & berries & bows! Nebulisers cost £600 a piece.

Eden Young, Primary 4

Healthy Me!

P5/6/7 have started their new topic, Healthy Me. They have been looking at the Food Pyramid and investigating the importance of different food groups. Over the weekend pupils will be completing a food diary.