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ZIP ZAP ZIP In outdoor laser lots of people think it was one of the best activites because you keep going.You run around the woods with a laser gun and get put into teams and zap the other team and capture their base. By Euan  

Quad Bikes In Kingwood

In quad biking we had helmets and harness .In my opinion and lots of others I think it the quad biking track was rather small, they had two quite fast quads but in the end it was really fun!


Last week when p4/7 were at camp the Thursday night P4/7 went to a disco. Most of the girl were dancing and some of the boy were too.  Sarah ,Charlotte, Amber G,Naomi  and Jesssica  were all dancing together.  But  Amy G was dancing with this boy she met on Tuesday his name was John and Amy and […]


Saltoun Primary are starting there easter holiday on the 30th of march 2012. Every one is very exited about it . Most people are going on holiday or having relitives coming.  By Felix

kingswood parent evening

kingswood parents evening is wednesday the 28th of march 2012 by murdo and sascha

kingswood comeing up

It is not long now before p4/7 go to camp. All the staff and pupils are very excited and are counting down ONLY 3 OR 4 WEEKS LEFT 🙂 yeeaaaahhh by Naomi Brunton


On Monday the 26th of march, after the easter service, Humbie and Saltoun primary  and the nursery’s had a easter egg hunt. Everyone managed to get a really yummy chocolate egg. By Ross