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Social Security Scotland, (Local Delivery – East Lothian), is an agency of the Scottish Government. Their Charter ensures keeping core values of Dignity, Fairness, and Respect at the heart of everything they do. You can read more about the Charter here – Social Security Scotland – Our Charter

Further information on Social Security benefits can be found at Social Security Scotland – Benefits, where you can also sign up to a Newsletter.



Haddington Pump Track

Haddington Pump Track – Public Consultation

Please find a link to the pump track information page on the ELC website –

The site also contains a link to the Haddington pump track page which includes additional details on potential locations and a link to the public consultation for that area (closes 31st July).

A pump track is designed to create a safe, fun and inclusive playground for all wheels-based users regardless of age or gender. They provide a playground for kids and adults from beginners to professionals and a sustainable and fun-packed activity for everyone in the community.

An early mapping exercise identified a number of Council-owned areas in Haddington that might be suitable for a pump track. Each location has its own unique attributes and opportunities, meaning that community views are essential to identifying the most appropriate space that could be progressed. We are particularly keen to hear from children and young people and other groups who would use a pump track.  All projects are subject to further detailed design, planning permission and full project funding, with the views of local people vital to help shape the projects at concept stage.

Paul Huish
Club & Community Sports Development

Brunton Summer Shows

Brunton Summer Shows has; My Friend Selkie, The Polar Bears Go Go Go and Funbox’s How to be a Superhero for 3+ to our wonderful outdoor theatre events with The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny taking over Musselburgh Race Course and A Midsummer Night’s Dream taking place on Fisherrow Links. And let’s not forget our production of High School Musical where families can enjoy watching local children take to the stage as Troy, Gabriella and Sharpay!

Scottish Government benefits and payments info

As of today (June 1st), Best Start Grant School Age Payment applications open for children who were born between 1 March 2017 and 28 February 2018.

The one-off payment of £267.65 per child helps families with the costs associated with a child starting at Primary School.

People who get tax credits or certain benefits are encouraged to apply before the window closes on 28 February 2023.

Eligibility is based on age and relates to when a child is first old enough to start school. Parents or carers who have deferred their child’s entry to school from August 2022 to August 2023, or those home schooling, must still apply before the closing date or they will lose out on their payment.

More information about how to apply and when is available via our website Best Start Grant and Best Start Foods –

Colette Baillie (she/her)
External Communications
Social Security Scotland