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Eco Minutes

The new eco committee met on Thursday.  Here are our minutes which were taken by Naomi Brunton P6.

March 2012  Check out the minutes here


We have just heard that we have gained another green flag from Eco Schools Scotland.

This has been the result of 2 years hard work.  Thanks to Miss Brown and all the staff, pupils and parents who have helped this process and taking forward the different initiatives.  We have submitted our new plans which have been accepted.  Our new topics for the next 2 year cycle came as a result of the the different classes and nursery auditing the school using an environmental review.  The topics will focus on Sustainability , Litter and Food and our Environment.  Pop in and see our new display board.

We are looking to convene a new eco committee, can you help? Please get in touch if this is something you can you do on a regular or ad hoc basis.

Eco Committee Minutes

Here are the eco committees latest minutes which were taken by Sarah Rothon (P7)


Eco Picnic

On Friday our school took part in an EcoSchool “One Planet Picnic”.  Pupils made lovely muffins with local produce and served us all apple juice.  We took the opportunity to play games and the pupil council ran some fundraising stalls.  We raised over £80 for Somalia.

It took a lot of work by the different groups to pull off.  Thanks you to the parents who came along to support us too.

Biodiversity Week

This week we have been learning about Biodiversity. Biodiversity is the variety of different species. To start our week, Stuart, the Biodiversity Officer came to visit us. He taught us about the timeline of plants and animals evolving. Next we had a Bee Workshop. We found out about Bees and their body parts.

Yesterday we went on a plant hunt because Fiona from Kew Botanic Gardens sent us a postcard to ask for help finding local plants. We went to Strawberry Woods. We had fun!

Today we have been learning about endangered animals. There were 5 groups. The Tigers, Polar Bears, Apes, Giant Pandas and the Butterflies. We had to complete tasks to receive points. We made badges, posters, models, songs, TV adverts and t-shirts. The Butterflies were the winners with 234 points! Well done to the Butterflies!

We still have a few activities left in our Biodiversity Week 🙂

By Amber, Charlotte, Luca, Ross, Jessica, Ewan, Euan, Murdo, Sarah and Niall