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Fundraiser Ideas

We are thinking of ways to make money to help cut the cost of our residential week away in April.  Below  are some of our ideas.  Please comment on what you think will work and is mangeable.  The classes will make a decision soon based on feedback from parents, staff and the community, so have a say!

  1. Fairtrade tuckshop: selling faitrade snacks at break 2 times a week and in the village on a Friday.
  2. Bag Pack or Carol Sing outside a big shop
  3. Sponsor run or cycle
  4. Creating a magazine for the village and selling it in the village
  5. Selling vouchers to get your path cleared from snow
  6. An evening Christmas fair in the village, selling old stuff, pony rides, mulled wine, hot chocolate, carol singing, visit to Santa.
  7. Give everyone £5 and let them make their own money.
  8. Car wash Friday
  9. Weeding and picking up leaves in gardens for a fee.
  10. Sweeping chimneys!

We have some good enterprising ideas!


Eco Picnic

On Friday our school took part in an EcoSchool “One Planet Picnic”.  Pupils made lovely muffins with local produce and served us all apple juice.  We took the opportunity to play games and the pupil council ran some fundraising stalls.  We raised over £80 for Somalia.

It took a lot of work by the different groups to pull off.  Thanks you to the parents who came along to support us too.

Book Party

Today P3 hosted a book party in the village hall. The party had a Fantastic Mr Fox theme and we made up activities for it. We also prepared the food for our animal feast! We invited 7 other schools from the Tranent cluster. We prepared a speech and greeted the 67 other children who all came wearing animal masks. There were two activities – fox facts then pin the tail on the fox and book circle discussions. After that we all had a feast. We had a great afternoon and hope everyone else did too. Below are some photos of the event.


Children in Need

Thank you for helping us to raise £75 for Children in Need!  A huge amount for such a small school.  The pupils spotty clothes were excellent….so much effort from everyone.  The spotty fairy cakes sold out!  We have already made our donation online so if you are watching the programme tonight look out….you never know the school’s name may appear along the bottom of the screen.  Thanks again, from the Pupil Council.

Community Christmas Tree

The Pupil Council would like to invite everyone in Saltoun to make a Christmas tree decoration.  These will decorate a tree outside the Village Hall and help to make Saltoun festive!  Please come along on Wednesday 1st Dec at 3.15pm to help us.  There will also be a Snowman Drive and festive refreshments….hot chocolate and mince pies!

Fundraising Fiver!!

Pupils raised over a £1000 in the Easter holidays with their Fundraising Fiver enterprise projects!  Wow!  This is an incredible amount of money to raise.  Pupils were really inventive and creative – sponsored walks, cake sales, trampolines, bob a job etc.  A huge thank you to all the nursery children, pupils and parents who participated! Lots of new Apprentices in the making!

Some of the money raised has bought our hen hut.  Ailsa Russell, who raised the most money, named one of the hens.  She has decided to call it Henrietta.  The other hens are called Pecky and Chupty!  We had a hen party on Friday to celebrate.

How much we raised for the donkeys in the Holy Land

For the donkey charity we raised a whopping £67.42.  To raise this we sold things at the roman museum and we had collection baskets at our Easter service. We chose this charity because we wanted to link with a global charity and a charity that may need our HELP!

Fundraising Fiver!

Our parent group H2H are running their enterprise project, Fundraising Fiver, again this Easter.  It was very successful last year and the pupils ideas were very innovitive! 

Shirley has already been in to school assembly pupils will receive an envelope with their £5 before we break for holidays. 

The Health/Eco Committee have decided to keep chickens in the school grounds and use their eggs in weekly health cookery lessons.  Any money raised will help towards the cost of our chickens. 

Our Tesco Visit

This morning Steven and Daisy went shopping in Tesco to buy produce for the Snack Shack. They got lots of tasty treats including bagles and cereal bars. The snack shack will be open every Thursday from 8.30am. Be sure to come along!

Strawberry Tea!

Staff and pupils would like to thank you for all your support at the Strawberry Tea.  It was a huge success! We raised £154 for Breast Cancer Care.