Thank You

The Library is Starting to Take Shape

A big thanks to Rachel, Lesley, Amanda, Jacqui and Magi for making a great start to the library.  If you have a half hour to spare once the kids are dropped off or before you collect them please drop in and lend a hand.  You are most welcome.

We Need Your Help



We are giving our school library a makeover.  No special skills are needed just someone with an hour to spare. 

After a 1 minute training course (!) you too will be able to help us scan and label books and give things a shuffle around.  Please sign up on the sheet on the school front door and help our impressive library become even better. Alternatively contact the school and we will gladly accomodate your avaliability.

A huge thank you!!

I would like to thank all the parents who helped to clear pathways at the school today!  I really appreciate it. 

I also have it on good authority that some of our pupils helped too – Euan, Niall, Murdo, Rhona, Catherine, Jessica and Lucy – with their own wee shovels!  It’s because of your special efforts that we are opening tomorrow.  I am really looking forward to seeing you all in the morning!

Thanks again, Mrs Birrell

Fundraising Fiver!

Our parent group H2H are running their enterprise project, Fundraising Fiver, again this Easter.  It was very successful last year and the pupils ideas were very innovitive! 

Shirley has already been in to school assembly pupils will receive an envelope with their £5 before we break for holidays. 

The Health/Eco Committee have decided to keep chickens in the school grounds and use their eggs in weekly health cookery lessons.  Any money raised will help towards the cost of our chickens. 

H2H Welcome Event

pdfonline1-welcome-event-flier   Click her for info.     

H2H would like to invite you to a Welcome Event on Friday 28th August at Saltoun Village Hall.  There will be a BBQ and Children’s Disco.  The event starts at 6.30pm.  Bring your own refreshments. 

Entry is £10 per family ticket, £3 per adult and £2 per child.  A burger is included in the price. We hope to see you there!!