Visit from Linzie Nicol

On Monday 28th of may  we had a visit from Linzie Nicol . She is Mrs Nicol’s sister-in-law and Mr Nicol’s sister.

She came because her face looks slightly different and she is part of the Changing Faces charity and came in to do a talk to our class about how other people look different even though they are the same and they can do the same things.

I learned that faces are just another part on your body it does not matter what they look like they are just the same.

by Kyle



Big Breakfast!

Health Week has been going really well! Went into school today and staff told me the pupils had a great learning experience on Monday with Liz from RHET. Pupils can describe, with indepth detail, the journey of milk from source to consumer and they also know the health benefits of drinking milk on a daily basis.

Today we had the lovely ladies from ABEL in school. ABEL is the anti bullying east lothian organisation. I really enjoyed listening to my classes thoughts and opinions on what they perceive bullying to be. I was fascinated by some of the P6’s mature and thoughtful responses.

Tomorrow is our Big Breakfast. It is promoting a ‘no sugar’ approach to nutrition. Pupils have made granola and apricot slice with Mrs Stewart. A small group of pupils will also be making fruit smoothies, which they practised making today with Marjorie Shepherd. We hope to see as many as you there tomorrow bright and early at 8am! We have raised £5002 for Mary’s Meals so far… us with our final push!

After brekkie, all pupils will be taking part in First Aid training with Martyn Pegg. They will be learning how to cope in a range of emergency situations.

A huge thanks to all the people with specialist skills who have helped us this week! It’s been great fun.

Mrs Birrell

Health Week 9-12th September

We have a busy and active Health Week planned next week at Saltoun! Each day there is a different focus from Curriculum for Excellence covering Physical, Mental and Social Wellbeing. On Monday, pupils will be learning about how food gets from source to consumer, by milking a cow and turning milk to cream. On Tuesday, pupils will be learning about food preparation and making some healthy foods for our Big Breakfast. Wednesday is a day of relaxation. Pupils will be practising meditation techniques that can help them cope with the stresses of daily life. Thursday will start with our health promoting Big Breakfast – all funds for Mary’s Meals. Pupils will then have Emergency Response First Aid Training, where they will learn how to respond to danger. I think you will agree that it is going to be a jam packed week, full of learning that will hope fully equip pupils with skills for life. Feel free to pop in and observe any of our activities!

Mrs Birrell


After consultation with the school community the eco committee have decided to introduce “fruit & veg” only snacks on Mondays and Fridays They are asking all pupils and staff to bring fruit & veg as a snack on these days.  We plan to start this initative on Monday 14th May. Please help support this healthy venture.

Lively Leaders

Today P5/6/7 launched their new lunch time Active Playgrounds scheme by having a ‘Through the Ages’ playdate. Pupils spent the morning learning and playing different games from years gone by. The P5/6/7 now titled ‘Lively Leaders’ lead the session and could be seen in their self-designed yellow t-shirts. The game ‘Postman’s Knock’ was a big hit with everyone (Miss Brown’s favourite too!). The Lively Leaders will now led playground games every Monday and Thursday at lunch time. We can’t wait to see the other games that they are going to teach us!


Badminton Players

Today P3-7 were very lucky to take part in a badminton taster session. Mrs Black came to Saltoun and taught us some of the skills in badminton. We had great fun in the session and can’t wait to play again. Miss Brown has said that we can play some badminton in our P.E lessons. We would like to thank Mrs Black for coming along. 🙂