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A Green Glow…

You may have noticed a green glow surrounding Saltoun Primary School since yesterday and fear not…there is a good reason for this! Yesterday morning we were visited by two assessors from Eco Schools Scotland. They have great pleasure in awarding us our Green Flag! A big thank you and well done to all the pupils, staff, parents and members of the community for all your help in our Green Flag campaign. All we need now is a flag pole….. ūüôā

Miss Brown

Thank you!

Just a quick thank you to Jane Valentine who donated a new mixing bowl and two beautiful aprons to the nursery.  I am sure that the children will enjoy using them the next time they are baking!

The Saltoun Snack Shop

The Pupil Council have decided to start a snack shop. They asked the pupils how often they would use it and what would they like to see on sale.

Next Friday the Pupil Council will go with Mrs Leslie and Mrs Birrell to Tesco and Aldi to see what the cheapest prices are for purchasing the stock.

The launch of the shop will be Thursday 7th January.

Snack Shop

Today at assembly the Pupil Council proposed that we launch a health promoting snack shop.  They asked pupils how often they would use the snack shop and what kinds of snacks they would like to see on sale.  The Pupil Council noted their suggestions and will be visiting a variety of supermarkets to research the most cost effective products.  They have prepared a parent questionaire to find out your thoughts and opinions.  They would appreciate if you could complete it and return it to school.

Funky Fitness!

On Monday 26th October staff from Saltoun and Humbie Primary Schools will be taking part in fitness training.  The in-service session will be led by our Active Schools Co-ordinator and starts at 9am in Saltoun playground.  It should last until around 11am.  All parents are welcome to attend!

P1/2 Senses Topic

Our topic this term has been the Senses. The 5 senses that we have looked at are sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch.

To  help us learn about sight we set up an opticians in our classroom. In it we had a bed, special glasses, a computer, a microscope and different uniforms for us to wear.

To help us learn about taste we tested some fruit and vegetables. These were pickles, bananas, strawberries, carrots and cucumber. We wrote down how all of these tasted.


To help us learn about hearing we made instruments, telephones and played lots of hearing games.

When we were learning about smell we took a smell test. We were blindfolded and had to guess what we were smelling. Some of the things were tomoto ketchup, fairy liquid, coffee, oranges and banana.

When we were learning about touch we had gluck and jelly baff in our classroom, these felt gooey! We also made feely boxes and put autumn things inside. We decorated our boxes by finger painting Рit was messy! We were also allowed to guess what was in Miss Browns feely boxes.


We have loved learning about the senses and hope you enjoyed reading about what we have been doing.

Primary 1/2