Welcome Back to everyone after the Easter Holidays. I hope you all had a lovely and restful break.

Spring certainly seems to have arrived and dare I say that summer is just around the corner? We have another busy term planned and hope you will be able to join us at some of our events.

As always if you do have any concerns or questions please do contact me.

Next session – I have been in discussion with East Lothian Council about classes and staffing for next year. As soon as a final decision has been made I will update you all. Similarly I will let you know as soon as I do when your lovely new HT Karla Pearce will be starting.

Charity Fundraisers – Thank you to everyone who donated to our recent fundraisers. Money raised is as follows:

Red Nose Day – £128.01

NSPCC Big Board Game Day – £37.74                         Thank you very much everyone!

 Nursery News – The nursery had a lovely puppy to visit and learned how to be safe with dogs. The children are now enjoying vet role-play. We have also found out about the zoo on our recent trip to Humbie. Other upcoming events this busy term are: Little Giants science workshop (learning about bees); making a bee themed planter for Gardening Scotland; starting transition activities for our pre-schoolers; enjoying some trips to Strawberry Woods; visiting the Scottish Seabird Centre, and practising for Sports Day at Humbie.

P1/2 News – P1/2 have said goodbye to their Tin Forest – it has gone to Kinwegar Recycling Centre; the accompanying artwork will be displayed in the offices there. The resulting space in the classroom will now be used to create a ‘Play Café’ as our current topic is ‘Food and Where it Comes From’. We have been cooking in school and look forward to inviting you all in for a taster session towards the end of term. To support this topic we will once again be visiting the Royal Highland Show. We are delighted to welcome Rosie Swinton into P1 – your children have made her feel very welcome.

 P3/4/5 News – P3/4/5 will be investigating Fairtrade this term, as well as further developing our skills in football, rugby, athletics and swimming.

We are very excited to be designing and creating a planter for Gardening Scotland, based on a Mary, Queen of Scots theme. We are learning lots as we grow our own plants from seeds, cuttings and bulbs. The title of our venture is ‘’Castle Cuisine’’ and we can’t wait to show you the finished product!

We are looking forward to working with P6/7 this term to rehearse and perform our summer show:

Superkids Rock! (The Planet)

P6/7 News – This term P6/7 topic is Big Business, which we are very excited about. Pupils have been split into 3 teams; Money Makers, Saltoun Summer Stars and the Dandy Daffodils. Each team has brainstormed ideas of a product to design, make and sell at the summer fair. The remit was that the product must be eco and also linked to the garden. Teams have made their prototypes and next week are taking them out to a group of consumers to carry out market research.

We have also made links with local businesses in Tranent inviting them in to talk about how they run their business – marketing, accounts, etc.

Green Flag Award Ceremony – Rachael Hamilton MSP came to our school at Saltoun to help raise our Green Flag which we achieved after 18 months of hard work. We had a whole school ceremony to commemorate our achievement which included singing and dancing followed by a reception where Rachael and Acting Head Teacher Mrs Dorothy Hilsley cut a cake to celebrate this. Rachael’s write up is below with a couple of photos.  Achieving The Green Flag Award is a great achievement and represents a lot of effort from the pupils and staff and I would like to thank everyone involved.

Thank you !

Eco coordinator Claire Hunter for Saltoun Primary

‘This was a fantastic event and marked a great day for Saltoun Primary school in raising their green flag.. Being awarded the Green Flag is true recognition of the fantastic work Saltoun Primary school has done and continues to do.We should all take a leaf out of Saltoun Primary school’s book and do that little bit more to help our communities be that bit more greener.’

Rachael Hamilton, South of Scotland MSP

House Keeping

 Absence from school

Please remember to contact the school office as soon as you know your child is to be absent for any reason – this is the school’s and council’s policy. Please call or email before 9.15am and if emailing use the general admin email ( ) so as to avoid any message being missed in the unlikely event of Ms Edwards not being in school. You should also continue to phone daily if your child is absent unless you have already informed us of this. If your child is sick or has diarrhoea they must remain at home for 48 hours after this has stopped.

Signing Pupils In/Out/Collecting at the end of the day

If your child needs to arrive or leave school during school hours they should be signed in/out in the school office by the person dropping off/collecting them.

Dog walking

There are several member s of the community walking dogs in the playground and as a result we are finding dogs mess lying around. I have written to the Community Council about it but if anyone has any ideas on how we could get this message across can you please let us know?

Vision, Aims and Values

 You will receive a letter explaining about the work we will be doing on Vision, Aims and Values on Monday. So that we can get your views there will be a Monkey Survey available from Monday 8th May which will run for 2 weeks.

Social Media Game- Blue Whale Challenge

We have received information from our colleagues within NHS Scotland concerning a social media ‘game’ called the Blue Whale Challenge. This activity encourages young people to self-harm followed by sending a picture as proof. There are no reported cases in Scotland however, we would like to make you aware of this and if you have any concerns your child may be at risk please get advice by contacting Mrs Hilsley.

Our schools provide children and young people with information on keeping themselves safe within the Health & Wellbeing curriculum delivered within schools. East Lothian Council also promotes the safe use of the internet and if you wish to access further information on the safe use of technology online see


The School Day


8:50 start

12:00 finish



8:45 1st warning bell

8:50 2nd bell, pupils line up to come into school

12:15 P1/2 lunch starts

12:35 P3-7 lunch starts

15:00 P1/2 finish for the day

15:15 P3-7 finish for the day

 Please drop off promptly to allow staff to settle the children to get the most out of the day. Please collect promptly to allow staff to prepare for the next working day.

 Open Door Policy

The staff are always happy to help and discuss any concerns you may have but please can we ask that if you wish to speak to a teacher that you catch them at the end of the day rather than at the start? This allows the teachers to get their classes settled in a timely fashion first thing in the morning. You are of course welcome to make an appointment via the school office if you would prefer.

School Office

Please remember that the route to the school office is via the back stairwell. The staffroom is often used for teaching and meetings as well as being a staffroom.

New School Entrance

We will soon be using a new school entrance and once some painting has been done and some signs erected more details will be issued.

 Sporting Events and General Events running over several weeks.


Strawberry Woods

Visiting every Wednesday morning from 24.5.17 to 21.6.17

P3-5 Class

Swimming Lessons (P4 and P5s)

Continue on Thursdays, the last session will be 15th June.

Football Tasters (P3s, P4s, P5s)

Continue on Fridays, the last session will be 19th May.

P6-7 Class

Contact Rugby (P6s and P7s)

Fridays from 26.5.17 to 9.6.17

P7 Transition Events:

Ross High School – continues on Wednesday mornings, the last session will be 31.5.17

Pencaitland Primary School – continues on Fridays, the last session will be 26.5.17

Ross High School – 2 day transition – 14th and 15th June

 General Diary Dates


8th -12th    Walk to School Week

10th            Generation Science Workshop for Nursery Pupils

Parent Council Meeting 7:00pm to 9:00pm

11th            Courier Special Edition – Nursery Class Photos

P6 Little and Large Cookery Competition at Ross High School *

16th            Kakatsitsi Drumming Workshop for P1-7 pupils

22nd           Staff In-Service Day 5

24th            P6/7s to Foxlake Adventures


1st              Courier Special Edition – P7 Leavers Photos

Nursery Outing to Scottish Seabird Centre*

7th              P1 and P7 Dental Inspections

13th            Sports Day P1-7

15th            Nursery Sports Day at Humbie

21st            P3-7 Show – Superkids Rock! (The Planet)

22nd           P1-7 Visit to Royal Highland Show*

29th            Leaver’s Assembly

* more information to follow shortly









Welcome Back

Welcome back to everyone after the Autumn Holiday. I hope you all had a good and restful break and that the pupils are suitably refreshed.


Staff at Saltoun


This term we are welcoming two new members of staff to Saltoun Primary. Mr Nigel Bird is joining us on a Thursday morning as Support for Learning teacher and Hayden Mourits will be with us on Thursday afternoons as our PE teacher. We hope they will both enjoy their time with us.




The playground surface was finally resurfaced during the October break which will hopefully mean less injuries. The pupils will now look at what markings they would like to have painted on.


Nursery numbers


After a few unsettled weeks we have heard from East Lothian Council that our nursery numbers have now been capped at 14 pupils; this number is based on the floor space and the number of toilets we have available.



We have organised another competition based on how to make ourselves seen in the dark weather. You have to design an outfit for a snowman which can be seen when you are out and about when crossing the roads at this time of the year. Entries should be handed in to the JRSOs by 14th November.


The Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need 2016, 7th October.

The Countryfile Ramble was a huge success with a total of £150.70 being raised for BBC Children in Need. Everybody had a very enjoyable ramble. Thanks very much to all who helped to organised this event, in particular Mrs Lee Young.






Thank you to everyone who gave donations for the Foodbank at our Harvest Assembly last term we were able to provide for 200 meals for families in need.


‘On Tuesday 11th October we visited the Foodbank in Tranent and dropped off our boxes and a cheque for £35.00. We learned how everything worked in the Foodbank and were shown the process used. First the food is weighed. This is done to ensure everybody gets more or less what they should have. Then the foods are organised into categories and then into use by dates. The nearest dates are used first. Lots of volunteers helped at the Foodbank. It was all very interesting to see and to know we were making a difference’.


Hope and Matthew, p7.


Macmillan Fundraiser

Bakes and Shakes, 27th September

Thanks to all who attended this event helping us to raise £120.00

Ivan also raised an impressive £404 – well done to Ivan!


P1/2 Witches Shop

Mrs Daly set up a ‘Witches Shop’ in her classroom to ‘sell’ snacks to the children and teach them the value of different coins. The snacks ‘sold’ included broomsticks (twiglets and cheese strings), brains (jelly and mushy peas) as well as other Halloween themed snacks. Thanks very much to those parents who sent in coins to help with the learning.


House Keeping

Flu Vaccination Programme

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) for parents/carers for this year’s Primary School Vaccination Programme are available on the NHS Lothian website.


Lunch Money – Please send lunch money to school either on the day your child is having lunch or ahead of this day. Please use labelled purses or envelopes that are sealed properly.


Open Door Policy

The staff are always happy to help and discuss any concerns you may have but please can we ask that if you wish to speak to a teacher that you catch them at the end of the day rather than at the start? This allows the teachers to get their classes settled in a timely fashion first thing in the morning. You are of course welcome to make an appointment via the school office if you would prefer.



School Office

Please remember that the route to the school office is via the back stairwell. The staffroom is often used for teaching and meetings as well as being a staffroom.


Diary Dates


Thurs 10th           Flu Immunisations

Thurs 17th            Parent Council Meeting


Mon 21st              Tempest Photography taking Individual and Family Group Photos




Thurs 8th               Nursery Show for Saltoun & Humbie pupils at Humbie – details to follow.

Tues 13th              P1-7 Christmas Lunch

Tues 20th              Pantomime at the Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh – details to follow.

Thurs 22nd            Christmas parties for nursery and P1-7 pupils; last day of term; finishing time as usual.


January 2017

Mon 9th                                All pupils resume.