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Saltoun Christmas special

On Thursday 14th December 2017 Saltoun Primary School had a Christmas concert night and if you weren’t there to see it I am about to tell you all about it.

First there was the wonderful primary 1/2 Nativity about an extremely grumpy camel named Humphry but his friends and family called him humph because he was so grumpy that all he ever  said was  HUMPH! The nativity was narrated by Willow,Pippa and Sophie and I cannot forget the wonderful camels Humph (Jessica) camel number 1 (Thomas) and camel number 2 (Sophie I)

Second we had the primary 4/5 violinists Poppy,Brodie,Livi and Melodie. They played Snowflakes and Silent Night. It was truly amazing! I know that I could never play the violin far less play those 2 very complicated songs.

Next we had the p6/7 violinists who played Good King Wenceslas  and Little Donkey, it was outstanding.

Then we had the primary 3 and 4s who sung Silent Night which BSL  which stands for British Sign Language and also with  BSL they sung When Santa got stuck up the Chimney.

Second last I took part in the primary 5/6/7 Christmas choir who sung Rocking around the Christmas Tree whith BSL and our last song was Feliz Navidad with some percussion instruments. I was kind of nervous but I tried my hardest not to show it and it certainly paid off.

Last we had the raffle draw, there were lots of prizes to be won, so well done to some of our luck winners! This year we did not win a prize.


By Holly McAllister


Making Mini Frittatas

Making Mini Frittatas on PhotoPeach

Primary 1/2 Drumming, Dancing and Singing Workshop

Primary 1/2 Drumming, Dancing and Singing Workshop on PhotoPeach

Primary 1/2 Outdoor Maths

Primary 1/2 Outdoor Maths on PhotoPeach

Primary 1/2 Woven Creations

Primary 1/2 Woven Creations on PhotoPeach

Primary 1/2 Weaving

Primary1/2 Weaving on PhotoPeach

P2 harvested our onions today, it was fun but no one liked the earwigs!

New Primary 1 Pupils at Saltoun

Our new Primary 1 pupils had great fun tying up their teacher!


Olympic Torch comes to Saltoun

Diana Balfour, a lady from Humbie, who ran with Olympic torch kindly let us see and hold her torch at our olympic assembly.  The staff were just as excited to be holding a piece of history in the making.

Eco Minutes

Here are our Eco committees latest minutes.  We held our Eco meeting today.  Jane and Lee our parent reps were there as well as P1-7 reps, Naomi will feedback  to the nursery children on Monday morning.

May 3rd 2012 Minutes