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Big Enterprise Event

P1/2/3 and P4/5/6/7 are busy preparing for our Big Enterprise Event!  Each class is selling handmade Christmas Crafts at the school on Wednesday 19th December at 7pm.  Groups of children have been involved in planning their products, pitching their ideas at a Dragon’s Den forum, making their crafts and marketing them in time for the Big Enterprise Event. 

img_1141.JPG      img_1146.JPG      img_1142.JPG       So join us after Carol Singing and purchase our products!

The Toys that came to Visit

As part of our Puppets topic, we have been looking at toys and games from the past. We have brought into school a selection of toys from home, that belonged to our parents and grandparents. It’s been great too see so many different toys and games from the past. During circletime we showed our toys to each other and spoke about how old they are and who they belonged to. Look at our photo by clicking here! toys.jpg

Divali Celebrations at Saltoun

diva-lamp.jpgThe nursery class and P1/2/3 have been learning about the Hindu festival of light – Divali.
At assembly today the nursery played some indian music using an indian drum and other instruments. Dexter very kindly brought the drum in from home.
P1/2/3 have been learning the story of Rama and Sita and customs associated with the festival. They have made rangoli patterns, diva lamps, indian sweeties and shadow puppets. They used their shadow puppets today to tell the story of Rama and Sita at assembly.
Feel free to look at our Divali work which is displayed in the classrooms and corridors.

The Botanical Gardens

Last Tuesday we went to the Botanical Gardens.  In the morning we went to look at the Rock Garden.  It was good fun climbing up the rocky steps to look at the waterfall. We saw lots of squirrels.  Max saw a baby frog hiding in the woods.  In the afternoon our guide, Cath, showed us the plants in the glass house.  She was teaching us more about our Senses.  She gave us an eye on the end of our finger which was actually a mirror.  It helped us to see underneath things.  We got to taste chunks of papaya that will help us to see in the dark.  We got to smell different things – vanilla, lemon grass, sugar and cocoa beans.  Then we pretended to be squirrels and hid raisins all over the gardens. It was a great trip!