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On Monday the 26th of march, after the easter service, Humbie and Saltoun primary  and the nursery’s had a easter egg hunt. Everyone managed to get a really yummy chocolate egg. By Ross


Science Week Success

A huge thank you to the following people for volunteering their services and time

Proffessor Bob Kibble and 7 of his students from Edin Uni, Jill Jeans (Maggie mum), Lee Young (Edens mum), Jim, engineer extraordinaire, Rowena, Melody’s mum (nursery). 

Thanks to all the parents and carers who supported the pupils in their science endeavours and supporting their science showcase today.  Hopefully we will also win something in the National Competition with our Global, All-Terrain, eco friendly vehicles. 

Thanks to the staff for all their hard work and extra hours they put in this week to inspire their pupils.

Here are a few comments from our tickled pink, green for growth comments wall:

“Fraser’s volcano looked awesome”  Catherine P3

“We got to look in the microscope, it was massive”  Hamish P1

“Great to see everyone excited about science and excited about others inventions.”  Fiona (parent)

“The children seem to understand the principles well”  Parent with smiley face!

“I liked seeing the children explaining their experiments to different audiences, they ARE real scientists.”  Staff Member

“There were too many people” Pupil  (Perhaps we could have it in a bigger venue-Mrs Currie)

“It was wonderful to see the children’s pride in their work and the range that it covered.”  Sarah  (Parent)

Science Week 2012 on PhotoPeach

Science Report Thursday

Nursery had Eden’s mum in and they did a balloon and yeast experiment. But in p 3\4 Eden’s mum did an experiment about seed dispersion with paper helicopters.  Up in p4\5\6\7 we did seed identification, that’s matching the seed to the food. Whilst in p1\2 they saw flowers as a bee would see them and learned how plants germinate.

By Gabriel, Eloise and Jay

Sciene Report Wednesday

What p1/2 did on science HATS 

P1/2   made spiders in a web to learn about vibrations. Then they planted tomato seeds to help them learn about plants. Later that day Mrs daily help the p1/2 make optical illusions and explored lots of different animations. After that  they used the force to knock humpty dumpty when they were finished  they did a plant survey. At the end they made balloon powered vehicles they said it was great fun.


On Wednesday the nursery had a bubbly bloom day.  Which is a day when you make bubbles and make a yeasty bloom. They made a yeast bloom with a bottle, some yeast, a balloon and air. They also made small bubbles, and big bubbles in the garden. They thought it was great fun and hope to do it again.

Hats day

Eight people from  the Edinburgh University  came to Saltoun .They took the classes told them about science and showed us  some stuff about chemistry. We also did some activities with Mrs Birrle, Mrs Ritchie and some of the other teachers.

By Dylan ,Sarah and Naomi

Science Report Tuesday

Science in classes

P1/2 used microscopes to look closely at their finger marks to see what type they are. They are making blue prints for vechiles and making strong structures from triangle shapes.

Nursery made little paper snakes and put stings on them and learnt about magnetism and sinking and floating in the water tray.

P3/4  made a K’nex model that can hold a pencil pot as well as looking at bugs that they caught in the min beast garden

Drying the pen samples

In P4567 we did some investigation when we had to find out: “Who ate all the    Biscuits?” We found out by splitting colour how to discover which pen the culprit used.  We also looked at fingerprints and matched all the staff to the culprits.  We used a microscope to find out the hairs that matched.

This morning we heard about science in the news, this happened in all the classes.

At lunch time we made paper aeroplanes there were 5 designs to choose from.  We could also play with propeller toys.

Reported by Ewan Mitchell P6, Sascha P5, Felix P5

Eco Minutes

The new eco committee met on Thursday.  Here are our minutes which were taken by Naomi Brunton P6.

March 2012  Check out the minutes here

Science Day Monday

Science week

Today p1/2 have been learning about engineering and building Lego cars and Matthew N brought a science experiment in.

P3/4 have built some boats out of Lego and were Learning about how when runners run they get more thinner and healthy.

Nursery where putting things in piles of plants and animals and people which they found very hard.

P4/7 were learning about the strategies you need to use to build a car out of k’nex.  The car that was the fastest and strongest was Jay and Ryans.

Our cars

By Science Reporters: Euan, Ryan and Jessica

Health Week Timetable

home challenge

timetable 2012 pupils

Here is timetable of health week activities and a copy of the healthy homework challenge sheet. The idea is you colour a box when you feel you have completed that challenge.

Teaching Swap

Mrs Daly is an expert on Hinduism and Diwali.  P4-7 are learning all about this topic so Mrs Daly offered to share the puppets, clothing, photos, artefacts and knowledge she has.  P1/2 have been doing information handling with Mrs Currie.  We did this last week for an hour and again this week.  It is a great example of sharing expertise in the school.

Saltoun and Humbie Make Sweet Music Together

We welcomed our friends from Humbie Primary and took part in a joint music project delivered by Sonsie Music.  This was funded by East Lothian Council.  We made instruments, explored sound, composed music and then performed.  It was lovely to work with “our sister school” and have new friends to play and work with.  The staff appreciated the opportunity to work together too.