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Around the World

On Thursday 30th November 2017 we did “Around the World.” What we did first was Mrs Nicol spoke to us about her favourite book and least favourite book. While Mrs Nicol was downstairs talking to the p3 and 4 children, Miss Tuke was talking to us about her favourite books which are Wolf Brother and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Then Mrs Daly came to talk to us about her gardening book which we all found different because we thought that she was going to talk to us about a novel not a gardening book. I have to admit it was really, really interesting.

I think that Book Week was a success because we managed to read so many books and discuss them.

by Holly McAllister P6





Mary’s Meals 2013

Last week p5/6/7 watched a video called Child 31, the class took this very seriously and they now want to sponsor a school in Malawi. It is going to cost us £6000 and we already have £5 only £5995 to go.

Election Results

After a massive 105 votes we now know the result of our Saltoun Election.

The votes have been counted and verified and I can now reveal the winning party is…..KIDS CHOICE!

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to support our election.

Election Fever Sweeps Through Saltoun!

The P3-7 Saltoun Election will take place on Wednesday 18th May 2011. Manifestos and Posters have gone home in pupil’s school bags and they will be out in the playground campaigning for YOUR vote. Please pop in on Wednesday 8:50 – 9:30am to register your vote. Every vote counts.

There are 6 parties:

Kids Choice, Minions, Mercury, The Scots, SPP and Galaxy.

Election Day

As part of P3/4/5/6/7’s  social studies topic ‘The Scottish Parliament’, we visited Saltoun village hall today. It is election day and our class wanted to see how to vote and the process that you go through. A very kind lady and gentleman let us watch as they voted and showed us which boxes to put each of the 3 ballot papers in. Then the people who were working in the hall told us what happens to the ballot boxes next. We were very lucky to be allowed in to the hall and we learned lots!


Lively Leaders

Today P5/6/7 launched their new lunch time Active Playgrounds scheme by having a ‘Through the Ages’ playdate. Pupils spent the morning learning and playing different games from years gone by. The P5/6/7 now titled ‘Lively Leaders’ lead the session and could be seen in their self-designed yellow t-shirts. The game ‘Postman’s Knock’ was a big hit with everyone (Miss Brown’s favourite too!). The Lively Leaders will now led playground games every Monday and Thursday at lunch time. We can’t wait to see the other games that they are going to teach us!


River Trip

On Thursday P3-7 visited the River Tyne as part of their Water/Rivers topic. They split into 3 groups: 1 group canoed up the river with Martyn looking at the effects of erosion and deposition, 1 group worked with Richard to find out the depth and speed of the river and the last group worked with Leigh to find out what kind of species were living in the river. It was great to see all of the things we have been learning about in the classroom. Everyone had a great time and learned lots! We were also very lucky that the sun was shining for us! A big thank you to Martyn, Leigh and Richard for all of their help and expertise. Also a big thank you to Magi Mitchell who came along to help us 🙂 Take a look at our photos from the day.


Red Nose Day! Do something funny for money :)

On Thursday 17th March, the kitchen will be serving a Red Nose themed lunch! Pupils will have the choice of meatballs in tomato sauce (red noses!) or pizza. There will be no baked potatoes that day.

On Friday 18th March, Comic Relief day itself, Pupil Council have organised a number of events for the school.  Firstly, they are encouraging everyone to wear red (pay a £1), secondly do something funny for our talent show (tell a joke or silly story etc) and thirdly they have organised a Red Nose Hunt around the school resulting in a celebratory red nose fairy cake (20p)!  Take part and help us raise money for those less fortunate than ourselves!

Family Reading!

On Thursday 3rd March it is World Book Day.  At Saltoun we love to read and like to take any opportunity to celebrate this! We would like to invite parents to come into school for Family Reading at 9am.  Parents/carers please bring your favourite children’s story (either from your childhood or a current book your read to your own child at home).  You will be asked to read to your own child or possibly a small group of children at Saltoun.  There will be refreshments provided afterwards and an opportunity for you to observe some of our other Book Day activities in the classrooms.  If you would like to take part in Family Reading, please let a member of staff know.

Manner of the Month

At Saltoun we are proud of our excellent behaviour and very good manners.  We follow the 3C’s – care, courtesy and consideration!  In March we are recognising Manner of the Month, showing respect to everyone.  We have made a bright display in our front entrance hall.  Please help by taking part in Manner of the Month.  The top 10 sticker collectors will receive a reward at the end of March.