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Final PC minutes from April 2016



Saltoun Primary School Parent Council

27 APRIL 2016, 18.30-20.30


Present       Apologies    
Holly Gentle Chair HG   Fergus Doubal   FD
Sarah Bronsdon

Julia McDonald

Vice Chair




  Fiona McCaskie

Susan Wallis



Elise Cachat   EC   Fiona Stewart   FS
Jenny Milne   JM        
Jill Jeans   JJ        
Tamsyn Wilson King   TWK        
In Attendance       Attachments    
        Chair Report    
Sally Leighton HT SL   Treasurers Report    
Lara Neri ELC LN   Top 10 Named Person Facts    
Sally Heaphy Clerk SH   GIRFEC Presentation

Chicken Coop

Updated Constitution

National Improvement Framework



  Item Action By
  Presentation to Parent Council – Named Person (GIRFEC) SL introduced the Lara Neri from East Lothian Council who came to talk about the Named Person and their role and answer any queries that the parent council may have.


Lara explained the background of GIRFEC and how the Scottish government had come up with idea of meeting the needs of young people and to help the various separate agencies work together. There was no joined up approach. So they came up with GIRFEC – Getting It Right For Every Child.   This was a national approach putting the child and the family in the centre and meeting their needs.  This was a strategy that was going to increase consistency of support and multi agency approaches to working with families.


Wellbeing is the centre of the act. The act raises awareness in young people about wellbeing. This enables young people to be more aware of wellbeing and what it means to them.


The wellbeing indicators are: safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsive and included. All words are everybody’s responsibility.


Lara talked about watching Sir Harry Burns YouTube , formerly Scotland’s Chief Medical Office – talking about the joined up approach of health professionals, early childhood experiences shape life later on outcomes. Giving children meaning and purpose in life.


Children and Young Peoples Act is coming into force in August 16 the four main areas are: named person, wellbeing concerns, a child plan, sharing and storing of information.



    Named Person The named person has to know the child in professional capacity, and not be a family member.  The children will know there is someone outwith their family they can contact.  Families members can contact and others outwith the family can contact if they have concerns from other agencies.  SL explained that this happens already in school.


There were concerns raised that the children wouldn’t know when to contact the named person or to contact their family member.   This was discussed and Lara explained that from mid May their would be lots of materials produced to help explain the role of the named person and schools would be going through that with the children.  There are leaflets being produced which are available to view on the Government GIRFEC website.


The school builds up the trust and the relationship with the younger people so naturally the trust builds up. EL is good at working with children and building up their trust.


Who Will be Named Person

Children Aged 0-5 – Health Visitor. As not all children are at Nursery.

Primary School – Head Teacher/Depute Head Teacher if school is large.

Secondary School – Guidance or Pastoral Support Teacher

School Leavers – Local Authority


SL said that they are training the PTs so there is cover in her absence.


A question was raised about holiday and weekend cover.   LN explained that the Local Authority will provide a named person service and this would be communicated.  It was thought unlikely that this would be used during weekends as low level risk/not immediate risk of danger would probably wait until Monday.  LN pointed that Child Protection remains separate and if a child was in immediate danger they would be informed.


Parents were reassured that they would be informed first about any wellbeing issue. SL confirmed that this was current practice and wasn’t going to change. The Named Person was unlikely to be used by younger children but perhaps another adult or a member of the community who had wellbeing concerns.


It was asked where the information would be kept LN said it would be recorded on SEEMIS on the new Wellbeing App. Only the Named Person (NP) will have access to it and parents.  Staff will be trained how to write the information and what to write.


NSPCC coming to talk about ChildLine on 10th May.


Pupil Views

Pupils are aware of Wellbeing in schools. Speak to me first so the child is involved where appropriate. Pupils like the sound the NP said it sounds positive and know who to speak to. NP can delegate duties to other staff.  Young people do feel well supported and are able to identify that someone can help them within school.



    Parent Views

Parents are aware what’s in the press, and there has been negative press. LN says that the wrong information is frustrating as it is only now that the positive message is being promoted.  The Gov have a detailed strategy for the information to be communicated.  Parent Councils Chairs have been informed.


The system will be consistent and the recording will be a uniformed national approach. So information will be able to follow a child round the country.  Good set of guidelines and a more joined up approach.


What safe guards are in place if the family has an issue with the NP was asked. A complaints procedure is in place and if the dispute cannot be resolved. If the relationship has broken down so much the named person can be changed.


Information and Resources

Scottish Government has a good Question and Answer GIRFEC website. East Lothian has a GIRFEC website as well.  The National Parent of Forum of Scotland and Wellbeing for Young Scots website to look at with children. Information from School.


Information Sharing

Information that would be shared with other agencies would have to be sufficient and at a level to be passed on. There are clear guidelines within the act to when you would pass information on and share information. Best possible practice to inform family first and get consent.  Unless Child Protection issue.


Parents can say no to the NP but they will have the NP entitlement. Parents can disagree with the recommendations and won’t be taken down a route they don’t want to go. LN said that it is recognised that Parents are the best people to look after their children.


The presentation is attached along with the top 10 Named Person Facts.


  1. Welcome and apologies HG opened the meeting and welcomed to all and noting apologies.  A quorum was met.    
  2. Approval of minutes from 20 January 2016 Were proposed by HG and seconded by JJ.    
  3. Breakfast Club

JM gave an update of Breakfast Club. It is struggling along and thanks to the fundraising has kept it going. Last two weeks has covered its costs so hopefully will keep going.  We were loosing £10 a week for a while but we now have a few more people coming so should make it to the end of term.  Parents have requested some more resources.

If more children use it more resources could be bought.   JM to look at getting some breakfast club specific resources.  More fundraising could be done.  It was suggested a taster session and parents could come and try and this would also boost funds.  More choices could be offered for breakfast. More kids will bring the cost down.




  4. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes    
    –       The Quorum has been successfully changed from 6 to 4 but the legal dept at the council has come back about the Constitution. Membership – please see note.  HG is going to re-word membership regarding replacing someone that leaves the parent council and if they would like to serve more than 2 years they can, providing there is not a waiting list. HG to adjust as part of the AGM. It was suggested that new parents are given the chance to join.  Schedule Meetings – Adjusted the 50% for the Quorum to 4 members.  HG will write an email regarding it.  







    Parental Involvement Survey    
    –       SL is going to send out a new parent questionnaire similar to the one she sent out when she first joined asking what is good about the school and what to improve and more involvement.

–       Do we want to re-launch School Ambassadors? It was discussed that perhaps a re-launch would be good.

–       Behaviour policy – moved forward

–       Homework policy – re-launching and looking for some input.

–       SL wanted to include these elements in the survey and would like the Parent council to promote amongst other parents for their input.

–       Fits in well with Scottish Government School Improvement Plan.

    Parent Council Health Check    
    –       SL suggested that she meets with the new Parent Council Committee in a standalone meeting to discuss.  SL  
    Email Process to wider Parent Body    
    –       HG has sort permission to email the wider parent body with regards to Parent Council related emails. etc She has to produce a distribution list.  It was asked if Breakfast Club could be included, HG will check.  


    –       SB updated that the chickens are doing fine. Is recommending a new run, which is larger.  See attached diagram.  To be placed in the mini beast garden.  It could be regularly moved around.  Money raised £288.33 at the Easter Fundraiser will cover the cost of the new coop at £160 all in.  Which leaves £120 to feed and look after the chickens.  The eggs are used for baking in nursery.  SL requested that it was run past Judith Wood, Health & Safety, East Lothian. A rota for feeding and moving to be set up.  A diary was suggested that the children would write up what they have done.  SL suggested the Eco committee being involved. A child lock was suggested.  SL suggested with diary that there was a risk assessment attached to cover these areas.  







    –       The next meeting will be in June. A new Head of Education has been appointed on a 12th month secondment, Fiona Robertson. She will be speaking at the next meeting. It was agreed that it was a good meeting to go to and someone from the PC committee should try and attend.

–       Val McIntyre has asked for an example of where parents and children work together to further their education. It was suggested that one of the mothers of the P5,6,7 might want to write about The Mother’s Day Café and send to Val or the Pupil Council & Eco Council talking at the last Parent Council Meeting.  SB to action.












    Refugee Crisis    
    –       Holly came and talked to the Pupil Council and the Pupil Council wanted to do something to welcome people to East Lothian. So P1&2 have made some posters and P3&4 have sent some postcards out to welcome the refugees.   Families are moving to Haddington area.    
    After School Club    
    –       A questionnaire was sent out with regards to possible usage.

–       33 people said they would use ASC with several maybes. The feed back was positive.  Questions raised were, what would the cost be? Will you offer activities? This needs further investigation.

–       With the hall out of action the Session Rooms has been offered.

–       Ask the 33 people what their needs are re. days, times etc

–       JJ commented that if the ASC runs for longer than 2 hrs then staff need to be registered and a Care Inspectorate visit. The manager will need to be suitably qualified and thus need to have a higher hourly pay to attract the right person. This will have a knock on effect to the cost of the fees.

–       It was decided to draw up a business plan and research and discuss what people need.

–       Another idea if they don’t want to have an ASC is to find a way to transport to another ASC.

5. Chairs Update – see attached notes    
  Clerk Vacancy

–       SH explained the role of the Clerk and you do get paid circa £40. But as clerk you can’t vote.

  Mother’s Day Café/Easter Cafe

–       See attached report.

  H2H Rep

–       Would be good to spread the workload so it’s not the same people all the time. The next main fundraiser will be the Summer Fair 2017 where all hands will be needed to help.




  Bus Safety

–       Email sent.   Urge all to say yes for seatbelts in school buses.

  Child Rescue Alert

–       It is a free service you can register to alert if there is a missing child. SL raised concerns regarding who can subscribe, is it a free for all? SL suggested running it past the community police to get their views.

6. Head Teacher’s Update    

–       Difficult year, but stability maintained with supply staff. Mrs Ritchie is now returning and will be fully phased in week after next.  Mrs Nichol has settled well and a parent evening date has been set, a letter will be forwarded.

  Pupil Numbers

–       Currently we have 4 anti & 6 pre-school so 10 in nursery.

–       Primary: P1 – 13, P2 – 4, P3 – 6, P4- 7, P5 – 11, P6 – 3, P7 – 1. Total in school 45.   So numbers healthy.

–       Predicted leavers. 1 nursery, 1 P7 and 1 P6

–       5 new confirmed (from Nursery) P1s and 2 potential (outwith nursery) to be finalised.

–       New to Nursery: 2 starting Aug 16, 2 starting Oct 16, 3 starting Jan 17, 1 pupil at Easter 17 – 8 new pupils in total.

–       Predicted school nos at 48 – So 3 classes as it stands at the moment.

  Curriculum Update


–       A combined sports morning again. Recently Marian Barclay has being doing some sport activities with nursery. She is hoping to demonstrate on the sports morning there will be a mixture of the activities and some little competitive races as well.

–       Mrs Daily has been introducing a light touch RWI to nursery introducing sounds and some of the rhymes to help enhanced transition.

–       Parents got a letter about the P1 transition programme. Dates in the letter. The parent meeting will be at the beginning of the transition period to allow for parent questions.

–       East Links Park trip is going ahead jointly with Humbie.

–       A number of new resources bought for nursery i.e. new low level furniture and for outside – guttering and water troughs, not fixed so can be rebuilt. Sturdy and lightweight.

–       A combined magnetism workshop with Humbie following on from the Stick man trip.

–       Children have visited the bookshop in Haddington to buy some new books for nursery. Children picking their own books has increased their enjoyment and use of them.

–       Lee Young is helping replenishing the Story Sacks and putting together some activities and looking at possible research questions. Some fundraising through an obstacle course by the nursery.


–       P1/2 have been getting support from Marian Barclay for PE as they don’t get the specialists the older children get. She has given new ideas for developing skills.

–       P1/2/3 children have continued the RWI. Some children have made rapid progress. Two lessons with 4 adults in each lesson, which has resulted in a number of the P2/3 children being completely off the scheme.  More resources have been acquired.

–       Project X – super hero’s, comic strip, fiction, non fiction. We are looking to purchase.

–       Author corners, Mrs Nichol has taken the role of developing. As well Literary Co-ordinator for both schools. Both schools have the link with the book shop in St Boswells P5-7 have purchased for their library. Which they really enjoyed. We got some free resources a David Walliams aeroplane for the reading corner. The book shop is also going to let us know about any author workshops they have.

–       Rolling out reading buddies, younger children sharing books with older children.   Older children writing books with the younger children.  P5-7 children will need to apply for the position, as it’s a position of responsibility. This will give extra reading sessions with children as well as adults, to help develop the love of reading.

  Eco School

–       The bird watch was enjoyed. We are waiting for new legislation around the Green Flag to be published.  Working with Richard English taking older children to the Tip and clearing and planting the Tip and will revisit to look at the impact. P5-7 are doing work on Bio Diversity.

P7 Transition

–       P7 transition activities have started are going to join with Pencaitland for a slightly bigger group.

Pen Licence

–       This is continuing to be popular. Children who have developed the cursive style can apply by writing to SL and if they have achieved the standard will be awarded a pen and certificate in assembly.  We have had lots of P3/4 requests.

Gardening Scotland

–       We are entering Gardening Scotland again. Lee has talked to each class about ideas. Looking for people to help.  Funding left from vouchers won by the school, which will be used to fund this years gardens. As each class submits a planter it would be nice to take the whole school to visit, probably on the Friday.

Tim Peake Seed Project

–       Jill explained the project that the Royal Horticultural Society launched with seeds that had been in space to be planted by children along side normal seeds as a blind test to see if seeds that have been in space grow differently. Jill ran the project with P3/4.

Times Table Awards

–       Fiona McCaskie has been looking at the Times Table awards. She has come up with a Bronze, Silver and Gold award.  Which will be launched at the Monday Assembly.

Mother’s Day Café

–       This was a success. And can be related to Education Scotland’s idea of developing the young workforce, developing skills that are needed to get a job.   Looking at other enterprise activities to involve the children.  SL suggested it would be nice to invite parents in who have a variety of skills and jobs to talk to the children and also invite other businesses in to talk to the children.  It was discussed at Humbie to set a market hall with different stalls relating to different jobs/skills. Children could write questions in advance.

–       It was requested that perhaps the Mother’s day café not be run during the day. SL explained that it was part of the curriculum activity so it needed to include all children and a variety of timings for events are used to include all.

Daily Mile

–       After the initial muddy start. New routes found.  Two members of staff are needed so aiming to do it twice a week on the days the children don’t have PE.  Also looking up setting up activities which would constitute a mile but not actually be a mile in distance.

Pitch Pulse Magic

–       A series of 3 concerts with young musicians from Glasgow. Final one coming up for P5/6/7 with Humbie. Children have enjoyed them.

How Good is Our Schools Document

–       In school we have been evaluating our strengths and areas for improvement.

School Camp

–       This was a trial with Longniddry up to Loch Inch. It was very successful and Longniddry would be happy with us to join with them again. Perhaps increasing the numbers going.

  Final School Budget

–       Final school budget delayed, but indicating that there will be a slight reduction.   If confirmed, this won’t allow us to buy in the French teacher. French assistants won’t be funded, but a learning platform has been set up.  SL has been on training and there are resources for adults, classroom and a help section. P1&2 will have French delivered as set by Education Scotland, but we are going to deliver French throughout the school with Mrs Daily, Mrs Ritchie and SL.

End of Term Show

–       Talent show not a competition. This will be put on by P5/6/7 as they were not involved in nativity. Further information to follow.

Shelter Painting

–       This is planned in the warmer months. Perhaps have a clear up weekend/day of the school playground and wire brush the shelter.

School Improvement Framework

–       SL to hold a separate meeting/workshop and gave out the synopsis for the PC to look at.   SL will sort out a date possibly at 7pm?

7. Treasurers Report

–       Report attached

–       The resolution was passed for signatories to change on the RBS bank account. To remove the old signatories and add HG, SB and JMcD to the bank account.  HG proposed and EC seconded.

8. Date and time of next meeting Thursday 8th September – Saltoun School 1830-2030    



Approval signature





…………………………………..                                               ………………….

Holly Gentle                                                                         Date





Signed                                                                                 15/9/2016

…………………………………..                                               ………………….


Sarah Bronsdon


Print Name




Top 10 Named Person Facts


  1. A Named Person does not replace or change the role of a parent or carer, or undermine families

The rights and responsibilities of parents to raise their children and provide for their wellbeing needs stay the same.  The Named Person’s role is to respond to requests for help from a child, young person or parent, and those who work with them where they have concerns for a child’s wellbeing.  They will not interfere in things like how a child’s room is decorated, the TV programmes they watch, or in their religious or political beliefs.

  1. The Named Person approach is not new

A form of the Named Person service is already operating across much of Scotland and builds on the supportive role teachers and health visitors have long offered to children and parents.  The new legislation simply makes good practice the standard across Scotland so that support is available to all if they need it.

  1. Children and parents have no obligation to use the service or take up the advice or help offered

Access to a Named Person is an entitlement.  This ensures a child, young person, parent, family member or someone who works with them, knows who they can approach for help or advice if they need it.  A Named Person has a duty to respond to a worry about a child’s or young person’s wellbeing, but there is no requirement for families to take up the offer of help.  The Act does not however change the existing responsibility of the police or social work to act in cases where a child may be at risk of significant harm.

  1. A Named Person will not directly access personal information

The Named Person will work with families, as health visitors and teachers already do, to understand individual circumstances.  They will only receive information from other services or professionals if it’s relevant to the wellbeing of the child or young person, and it will help the Named Person carry out their role in supporting the child and their family.  In most cases, the child or young person and parent will know what is being shared, with whom and for what purpose, and their views will be taken into account.  Only in exceptional cases, such as where there is a concern for a child’s safety, will this not happen.

  1. The creation of the Named Person service does not change privacy laws or infringe on human rights

Existing laws already permit information sharing when it is necessary to prevent or address a risk to wellbeing.  The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 sets out that sharing information with, and by, a child’s Named Person should take place in line with current legislation as confirmed by the Scottish Court’s ruling in September 2015.  Lord Justice Clerk Lord Carloway, stated: “It has no effect whatsoever on the legal, moral or social relationships within the family.”

  1. The Named Person will not be a social worker

They will typically be a health visitor for pre-school children and a head teacher, deputy head teacher or guidance teacher for school age children.

  1. The Named Person service does not waste resources or jeopardise child safety

In fact, the GIRFEC approach has been found to reduce the amount of time teachers, health professionals, social workers, parents, and children and young people spend in meetings, and reduce caseloads for Social Work because support was given before problems turned into crises.  Delivered by health and education services, the Named Person service will support specialist services, such as social work, as they continue to respond to the needs of vulnerable children and families.  It does not change or overrule current child protection procedures and the police and or social work should continue to be contacted immediately if a child is believed to be at risk of significant harm.

  1. The Named Person role will not overburden teachers or health staff

Health visitors, promoted teachers, and others who will be a Named Person already have responsibilities for providing advice and support to children, young people, and families.  The Scottish Government, local authorities, and health boards will provide guidance, training, and resources to assist them to carry out this role.  It is the organisations providing the Named Person service, not individual Named Persons, who have legal responsibilities for the duties in the Act.

  1. The Named Person is not a State Guardian

Parents and carers are, with very few exceptions, the best people to raise their children.  The Named Person will have no duty to monitor family life.  GIRFEC provides a common approach to thinking about wellbeing but does not introduce or impose a uniform set of wellbeing standards.  The service recognises that each child and family situation is unique.

  1. The Act does not give the Named Person a monitoring role

The Named Person will respond to information about wellbeing needs raised by the child, young person, parents or those who work with them.  The Named Person will help put children, young people and families in control of getting help and support to overcome difficulties at the right time.

A wide range of children’s charities and professionals working daily to support families across the country support the Named Person service.




Chair Update


Apologies: Fergus, Fiona M

Confirmed attendees: Julia, Sarah, Holly, Tamsin, Jenny Milne, Jill


Clerk Vacancy

Unfortunately, Jenny has had to step down from her clerk duties. She has done an amazing job for us over the past few years and she will be missed.


Mother’s Day cafe

Thanks all for supporting our Mother’s Day café. We raised some well needed money for breakfast club.   There were many comments from parents about how nice it was.  I think parents really respond to coming to events when their children are involved and running the show.  Well done p5,6,7s and the rest of the kids for entertaining us while we watched and drank coffee and ate fabulous cakes.   Thanks to Sally and our amazing teachers for helping to organise this event.


Easter Café and egg hunt

Also thanks H2H for running a fantastic Easter Event. The kids were exhausted after the fantastic Easter egg hunt.  Thanks for the cakes.  It was nice to see many people there, and the sun was shining.  We have raised some funds to provide some better care for our chickens and feed them.  We’ll hear more about chickens when discussing agenda.


Need an H2H rep

We desperately need an H2H rep to help run our fundraisers and events. We could even alternate our reps and have a different rep for each event.   It would be nice to spread the work load around a little more.  Please let me know if you could help run our next fundraiser.  Our next summer event, possibly a summer fair, will likely be “all hands.” As we are such a small school, we’ll need everyone to help.

Bus Safety


The Scottish Government would like to ask your opinion on seatbelts on school buses. Please complete the survey and say yes to seatbelts.   Here’s the link:


Child Rescue Alert

A good idea is to register for Child rescue alert. You could receive an email or text message about missing children in your area.  It’s free and you could save a child’s life.




Saltoun Parent Council Treasurer’s Report 27 April 2016





Parent Council funds                                                               2,818.65*


Breakfast Club funds                                                                255.90**


Total funds                                                                               3,074.55



*there remains £84 in the bank account from the Bat Walk


**total as at 18 April 2016




Parent Council funds


  1. The Easter café made a net profit of £288.73.
  2. Village hall funds of £218 which were previously held were paid to the Saltoun Community Association on 19 February 2016.
  3. Funds allocated for school equipment are yet to be paid to Mrs Leighton. We await confirmation of the total sum spent.


Breakfast Club funds


  1. The Mother’s Day café made a net profit of £225.60.
  2. Jenny Milne to provide Breakfast Club report.


Saltoun Primary School Parent Council – Constitution (Revised as at 20 January 2016)


1           Name

This is the constitution for Saltoun Primary School Parent Council.


2           Aims and Objectives

          The Parent Council answers to the Saltoun Primary School Parent Forum. Its aims and the objectives are to:


  • Promote involvement and partnership between all parents, teachers and pupils
  • Support the school in activities that enhance the education and welfare of the pupils
  • Consult with and report back to the Parent Forum
  • Represent the views of the Parent Forum towards the Head Teacher and the Education Authority
  • Promote contact between the school (teachers, pupils and parents), associate primary schools and the local community


The Parent Council will be supportive of the Saltoun Primary School H2H (Happy to Help), which will operate as a sub group.  Should H2H and the Parent Forum wish it the Parent Council may raise funds for the school or school activities and may, if desired, establish a working group specifically for this purpose.


3           Membership

          Any parent of one or more pupils currently attending the school may volunteer to be a member of the Parent Council. Ideally a broad cross-section of parents will be represented on the Parent Council.  In the event that a Parent Member no longer has a child at Saltoun Primary School during the course of that Parent Members membership of the Parent Council that membership shall be terminated on the date of the child leaving Saltoun Primary School.   The Parent Council shall ensure that there is another parent member in substitution thereof to comply with the requirements of condition 5 below.  If a parent fails to respond to correspondence etc, a four week notice period will be given and if they fail to communicate by the end of this period they will be deemed to have resigned from the Parent Council.


Membership minimum will be six parents of pupils attending the school.  The maximum will be twelve parents.


In the event that the number of volunteers exceeds the number of places set out in this constitution, the following measures (in order presented) will be used to determine how places are allocated:


  • Voluntary adjustment (i.e. some people may then volunteer to stand aside)
  • Representation from each of the school’s classes (one or two parents from each)
  • A random selection procedure at the time of the annual general meeting


Non-members will continue to have the opportunity to attend all Parent Council meetings and activities and may be co-opted on to relevant subgroups.


Members of the Parent Council may serve for up to two years, after which             volunteers will again be sought.


Notwithstanding item 6 above, half the parent members appointed to the first Parent Council in August 2007 will stand down after one year in order to establish a pattern of annual review that encourages a continuing mix of established and new members thereafter.


The Parent Council will co-opt associate (non-voting) members.  Co-opted members of teaching and support staff must volunteer to become co-opted members.   It is expected that the total number of associate members will not normally exceed half the number of the parent members.  Associate members will be drawn from the following groups:


  • Teachers at the school
  • Pupils attending the school
  • Councillors of East Lothian Council (the Education Authority) whose constituencies are associated with the school
  • Local community representatives


A deputy may represent a co-opted member if they are unable to attend any meeting.


Co-opted membership will be reviewed bi-annually.


The Parent Council may establish time-limited sub groups comprising at least one member of the Parent Council with other parents (whether or not they are members of the Parent Council) and associates. Sub groups will be responsible for taking forward specific objectives identified by the Parent Council and will report to the Parent Council.


4           Annual General Meeting

An annual general meeting will be held in November of each year. A notice of the meeting, including date, time and place will be sent to all members of the Parent Forum at least three weeks in advance.  The meeting will include:


  • A report on the work of the Parent Council and any sub groups or committees
  • Agreement of the membership and associate membership of the Parent Council
  • Selection of a chair, vice chair and, if required, treasurer
  • Approval of accounts and appointment of auditor
  • Discussion of issues that any parent may wish to raise


A secretary will be appointed who may, unless they are a member of the Parent Council, be paid for their services.


5           Scheduled Meetings

Parent Council will meet at least once every school term.  Dates will be scheduled at the beginning of the school year.


The quorum will be more than 50% of the parent membership and proceedings will not be invalidated by any vacancy in the membership.  Revised as at 20 January 2016 to 4 members.


Meetings will be open to the public, unless the Parent Council is discussing a particular issue, which it considers, should be dealt with on a confidential basis.  Closed discussions may be restricted to Parent Council members only or may, subject to agreement of the Parent Council, also involve associate members and Parent Forum members.


Meetings will be attended by the Head Teacher or his or her Deputy.  The Head Teacher of Saltoun Primary School has a right and a duty to attend meeting of the Parent Council, or be represented.


Should a vote be necessary to make a decision each parent member at the meeting will have one vote.  The Chair will have the casting vote in the event of a tie.


The Parent Council may, for the purpose of addressing specific issues or areas of interest, invite participation in any meeting from any non-member or group.


Notes or minutes of all meetings will be available to all parents and teachers at Saltoun Primary School.  They will be posted on the school website and notice board and will be available in hard copy from the school.


6           Special Meetings

          Where a majority of the Parent Council wish an additional meeting to be held this shall be arranged. All members of the Parent Council will be given at least one week’s notice of the date, time and place.


If at least one parent requests a special meeting to discuss issues falling within the Parent Council’s remit, the Parent Council shall arrange this.  The Parent Council will give all parents at least three weeks’ notice of the date, place and time of the meeting and will post and circulate notice of the matter(s) to be discussed at the meeting.


7           Finance

          The treasurer (if appointed) will open a bank or building society account in the name of the Council, withdrawals requiring the signature of the treasurer and one other Parent Council member.


The Treasurer will keep an accurate record of all income and expenditure, and will provide a summary of this for each Parent Council meeting and a full account for the Annual Meeting.


The Parent Council shall be responsible for ensuring that all monies are used in accordance with the objectives of the Parent Council.


8           Amendments

The Parent Council may, with consent from the Parent Forum, change its Constitution.  The Parent Forum will be consulted on, and must ratify, any proposed changes.


9           Dissolution

Should the Parent Council cease to exist, any remaining property will be passed to the Education Authority to be used for the benefit of the school.  If the school is amalgamating, the funds will be passed to the school or schools, which pupils will attend.


Parent Council Committee Members

Saltoun Primary School Parent Council January 2016



Holly Gentle


    Vice Chair

Sarah Bronsdon



Julia McDonald

    Elise Cachat


Iain and Jackie Cane  


    Fergus Doubal


Jill Jeans


  Fiona McCaskie  


Fiona Stewart


    Tamsyn Wilson




Sally Heaphy (Temporary)



*No voting rights