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Teaching Swap

Mrs Daly is an expert on Hinduism and Diwali.  P4-7 are learning all about this topic so Mrs Daly offered to share the puppets, clothing, photos, artefacts and knowledge she has.  P1/2 have been doing information handling with Mrs Currie.  We did this last week for an hour and again this week.  It is a great example of sharing expertise in the school.

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Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year

Preparing Apples

Enjoying apples and dipping honey

Layla and Sascha took part in Rosh Hashannah at their synagogue yesterday.   Today they wanted to tell us all about. They shared apples and honey with the whole school.  The honey represents good living and health.  They also showed us their Shofar, a horn to wake up everyone and call them to remember their creator.

Shana Tova Layla and Sascha.  Happy New Year