p7 trip to stem

On Thursday p7 went to the stem challenge in Edinburgh College to do some transition for going to Ross High. When we got there we got into teams with other p7s from Elphinstone and St Martins. I was in team Shaggy with Cameron and Connor and a girl called Abby. We made rocket cars first out of foam. We cut the foam into a shape and put in some wheels and a jet engine. Our car went at 78 mph –  we called our team the rocket riders

My favourite part was the rocket cars and I like going to places to meet other people for transition to go to Ross.

Brennan Pender, P7


P7 trip to Edinburgh College / STEM

On Thursday p7s had to be at school for 8:10am! When we got on the bus we scored back seats. When we were at the college we got told our teams,  Flynn and I were in Scooby. Next we went to a work shop and made our own cars out of foam.  After that we took our cars out to race and they put mini jet engines in them. Flynn and my  car went 72mph, the record was 87mph which is quite fast. I learned that a mini car can go that fast.

When we had break we went to our tables which had our names on them. Mrs Nicol was at our table, some people were very talkative in a good way –  just getting to know people.

My favourite part was all the p7s were together and I think we should do more trips together.

By Lewis Myles , P7

Transition Visit to Ross High

On Wednesday Lewis and I went to Ross High to meet other children going to Ross after the summer.  We were in a group with children from Elphinstone Primary.  There were 7 groups, we were in group 1 in the morning and group 7 after lunch.  We did basketball, curling, art, food, Young Scot, meditation, exercise and sports games. I enjoyed trying the paninis from the kitchen at Ross High and am looking forward to going to Ross after the summer holidays.

Brennan Pender, P7

the 40 book challenge!!


Ever since August of 2017 there has been a challenge.
   A book challenge.

 A challenge to read 40 books in one school year.

It’s name, The 40 book challenge !!                    

Now in March of 2018, a whole 7 months later, for some, the challenge is nearing an end, for others not so much,

to show this, here are 5 of the highest current book totals of the p5/6/7 class :                               (with no names mentioned.)

  1.  32
  2.  30
  3.  28
  4.  25
  5. 23      –  joint total

Personally I enjoyed the challenge and it definitely inspired me to read more. I hope it inspires you too!

I think some of the younger classes had different challenge goals to suite the ages of the class. maybe not, I don’t know.

Eden Young, Primary 7



Drawing 2D Shapes

In p5/6/7 this week we have been  learning about shapes.  We have learned to draw some 2D shapes –  squares and rectangles and parallelograms.

First we learned how to hold a ruler so that it would stay straight. Then we drew a faint line with the ruler, we used dots and lines to draw a square.

by May Jack p6

Visit from David Gilmore

On Wednesday 7th February David Gilmore the IT guy came in to show us some of the features of the new chrome books. He showed us how Google drive works, he showed us how more than 1 person can work on Google docs at one time by sharing with someone, he showed us that you can voice type through the chrome books and it can listen for different languages but there can still be a bit of glitches because when we were trying it out on French we ended up with: furious pomme de tere avec fromage! Haricot depecher!

He showed us the various app you can get on your chrome books.

Cameron Smith


School Closure

All East Lothian Council schools will be remain closed on Friday, 2nd of March due to adverse weather conditions. Please check the  East Lothian Council website for further information. Please check our Twitter feed and your email for World Book Day, World Maths Day and STEM Challenge learning opportunities to take part in at home.

New Modifications To Our Tables!

A few weeks ago we made tables but since then we have made some modifications to them like making them stronger & adding some more support poles & adding more tape. If you did not read our other about this post then we basically were given a challenge by our teacher to build a table that was sturdy enough to hold 1 or more dictionaries with only a small bit of cardboard, a whole newspaper and tape, but we were not allowed to wrap tape round and round and round or tape the table to the real tables.

Before we made the modifications every single one could hold a dictionary but some of them now can’t hold one anymore. Most people added more tape and newspaper [We were given 4 double sheets of newspaper to add modifications]. My group did the design of cross legs and a pole going though the v points. But most people did the straight legs and poles going across in the middle, every group but my group did that. For modifications Flynn’s group added the side poles. My group added poles everywhere which made it not sturdy anymore. Other groups mostly added more newspaper & tape.

I was with Livi, Sarah and Brodie in a group. I quite liked our design that we chose to do at the start of the crossed legs. I enjoyed doing this.

Lucy Morrison P6


P5,6,7 are having a  short topic about the winter Olympics.  We have been doing puzzles with co-ordinates. And every day we are watching videos like epic fails and gold medallists. And speed skating fails.

I did not really know anything about the winter Olympics until now.

I now know that speed skating is amazing the skaters must really want to do it because they don’t give up even when they fail or get hurt.


By Lloyd McLean p5

Aiming High to Achieve our Best!