Parent Council

We have a very active Parent Council, led by co-chairpersons Mrs Zoe Jones and Mrs Roz Ward. We welcome all new (and old) parents and carers to our meetings, with dads being especially welcome! Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 26th at 7:00 pm. Please come along to our support our wonderful school.

Minutes of Meeting 22nd January 2018

Saltoun Primary School Parent Council Minutes Monday 22nd January Apologies
Attendees: Julia McDonald (JMc)
Roz Ward (RW) Kelly Kenny (KK) Sara Fairgrieve (SF)
Zoe Jones (ZJ) Gemma Robertson (GR) Holly Gentle (HG)
Mrs Nicol Fergus Doubal (FD)
Karla Pearce (KP) John McMillan (JMc)
Elise Cachet (EC) Sarah Bronsdon (SB)
Chamine Aktar (CA) Tamsyn Wilson (TW)



1 Welcome/Apologies

Apologies from Julia McDonald, Sara Fairgrieve, Fergus Doubal, John McMillan, Sarah Bronsdon and Tamsyn Wilson


2 Minutes approved


3 Empowering Schools Consultation

Zoe Jones emailed response from us as a school.  Only been a short timescale.  We disagree with the consultation as a school.

A few of the parents sent individual responses

Scottish Government deadline 30th January 2018.

ACTION: ZJ reminder to parents to send individual responses


  • Clerks Position

RW covering tonight in absence of Sara Fairgrieve but not a long term solution

ACTION: ZJ to contact Val McIntyre for job description, there are a lot of emails to cope with and it would help to have someone to direct these in a timely manner to parents etc

Advertise on Saltoun School Association Page (SCA)

KP to mention at SCA meeting

Place an advert in the shop (Bothy)


  • Gwen Edwards Leaving

Finished on Monday 22nd January

Her job had not yet been advertised-due to be done middle of the week

Marion King helping out from Humbie Monday-Thursday for a few hours until someone in place.

Job extended by 1.5 hours =30 hours

Maybe able to help out with Clerk position

ACTION: KP to investigate if new cover for Gwen can also do Clerk position


  • Tesco Bag for Life

HG already started the process

Aim is to extend outdoor nursery area

KP liasing with architects

New mud kitchen and raised planters

Not likely to cost a lot of money but Menshed will require a donation from the School.

ACTION:KP to liaise with architects and Menshed


  • Easter Egg Hunt

Is H2H group still running?

Too much for RW and ZJ to run themselves

Speak to Lee and Sarah Bronsdon about quiz night

Maybe do movie afternoon in the Hall and supply snack/popcorn

Summer Fair?  Sharks for Life are other possible fundraisers

ACTION: RW/ZJ to liaise with H2H


  • Change the Bank Signatories

HG and SB needs to change to RW and ZJ

This was agreed by KK, GR, ZJ and RW

ACTION: Liaise with Julia McDonald regarding progress being made


  • Dates and Times for 2018/19 Meetings

Normally always been Thursdays

Maybe do survey Monkey to see which night suits most

Next Meeting set Thursday 8th March 7pm


  1. Chair person’s Update

Susan Wallace wishing to step down due to family commitments

Mhairi Quiroz-Aitken keen to step in.  ZJ proposed, RW 2nd the decision


  1. Finances

£2524.09 in bank account

£504.00 from Christmas Raffle

£460 to go into the school for digital learning


Breakfast Club

No breakfast Club update but seems to be going well at present


  1. Head teachers update

Unicef-School awarded bronze level and on their way to achieving the silver level


Menshed-Outdoor learning for nursery is in progress


Currently one teacher down P1/2.  A supply teacher is in place for 2 days and Mrs Ritchie working Wednesdays and KP covering Thursday and Fridays.


Pupil Voice


Strengths and weaknesses of the school-KP keen to hear parent’s ideas at curriculum evening on Tuesday 6th Feb


  1. 2018 Events


Quiz night

Easter fundraiser


  1. AOCB


Lunch portion sizes some parents thought this needed to be addressed.  Little extra food available

KP to get pupils opinion

Hens have now gone back to Sarah Bronsdon

Aim to get more grants this year















Aiming High to Achieve our Best!