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Welcome to the H2H web page


H2H (Happy to help) Saltoun Primary’s PTA, has been active within the school for over 10 years. We work as sub group of the Parent council who take care of all necessary formalities enabling us to focus on the job in hand. This may include the provision of much needed parent help, organizing events, assistance in school or one of our very successful fundraising projects!…


Who are H2H?

We are a group of parents of pupils ranging from nursery to P.7 led by


Lee Young leads and can be contacted via the school office.

H2H Meetings

New parents are welcome to join H2H and should find our informal meetings, usually every 4-6 weeks – fun, friendly, informative, constructive and with home baking!



 The Parent Volunteer List

Parents are invited to join our Parent Volunteer List which offers flexibility for those who may be unable to take a more active role but would like to offer occasional help. In our experience this works very effectively for all parties and provides H2H with additional help when required.


We’re keen to involve the children in our fundraising projects working in unison with teachers & staff.

From the very popular school cookbook and some very successful events last year- Halloween Party, Christmas and Summer Fairs we were able to purchase addditional teaching resources.


Thanks to everyone who has supported our fundraising projects we hope you had fun too!


Helping in School

Parent assistance is invaluable and much appreciated in school by both staff and pupils. Previous tasks have included keeping the library in order, photocopying, laminating, setting up pupil maths boxes, story sacks and accompanying school trips.

It’s a great way to get involved in a very friendly environment….

If you have any free time and would like to help out please contact the school.


For further information please contact the school office.







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