Sanderson’s Wynd Paralympic Week

Sanderson’s Wynd’s Paralympic week started off with a very lively and fun torch parade. The Hub children passed around their Paralympic torch from one pupil to another. We used a torch made by P4M for the main school torch parade in December (12/12/12). All Hub children from the Green, Red and Blue classes took part in this important event. The main school pupils looked on and cheered the Hub children as they carried the torch to the next waiting person.

We were delighted to also have the  2012  Paralympic torch for this occasion! A big thanks goes to parent, Brian Fraser, who  managed to organise and coordinate the torch arrival to coincide with our Paralympic torch parade. The timing couldn’t have been better! After the parade, all the classes got a chance to hold and look at this magnificent, silver, Paralympic torch and we all felt very lucky to have this special privilege. Please look at the slideshare below of our happy torch parade which was the start of an active and busy week for Hub  pupils.

[slideshare id=12151721&doc=hubparalympictorchparade-120325163043-phpapp01]